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Thursday, December 28, 2006


I personally believes that it's over $ 100 million going down the world of E-MAIL OR LETTER FRAUD so-called 419 or NIGERIA SCAMS. (I WANT TO MAKE ONE POINT CLEAR BEFORE SAYING MORE: THIS SCAM HAS MOVED FAR AND BEYOND NIGERIA).
I read in a recent documentary about how the U.S. SECRET SERVICES ARE PULLING OUT OUR AGENTS OUT OF NIGERIA for reasons no one in there (U.S. SECRET SVCS.) can explained to us when asked:

Despite Growing Scams, U.S. Secret Service Pulls Agents Out of Nigeria

December 07, 2006 12:22 PM

Brian Ross Reports:

nr" style="margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px; float: left;" border="0" height="151" width="200"> Despite massive counterfeiting of U.S. currency and checks in Nigeria, the American law enforcement agency with principal jurisdiction, the Secret Service, has closed its office in Lagos, Nigeria.

Nigerian officials said the decision has hurt efforts to crack down on criminal rings that produce the counterfeit currency and cheat thousands of Americans with online scams.

"It's something that I find difficult to understand," said Ibrahim Lamorde, who heads the Lagos office of the country's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Despite it seems tough and mysterious to track or shut down the 419 scam operations worldwide, but there are lot the U.S AGENCIES(FBI, CIA, U.S SECRET SVCS. ATF, INTERPOL, ETC.) can do to reduces or eliminates a wide range of this evil system.
By the way, Our Agencies are doing there job as far as they can and I personally want to point out that.
But do they know how many of our Senior Citizens and Families who are trapped in this mess? they fall for the lies and the dream of fast money, which many people will go for.
I might be jumping the gun, but i want to say this loud and clear that: IF THE 419 SCAMS ARE NOT WELL CHECKED AND PAY MORE ATTENTIONS INTO, IT WILL GET WORST AND, SO-CALLED TERRORIST MIGHT FIND IT A WAY TO MAKE MONEY AND USE THAT MONEY AGAINST US. (Is just the way I'm seeing it) I pray it didn't get that far.
Laziness or lack of info's or supports might be some few reasons for our Mighty Agencies to fall back on this matter, but there are more ways and means to use against them, and it is a great way to do it, they might cut down the growing power of this evil sickness,(WORST THAN CANCER).
Our so-called experts in the Agencies are great people, but they just need to look more further and open up to hear and implements more general ideas.
Forget the short runs and the magic ones, they are not working.
We can get those idiots on there tracks.
I am taking this as a personal moves to go after those idiots as far as I can, and you know what? I will make a great different than Some of our Agencies (GOD WILLING)
From now on, We will be posting our discoveries and all those scam E-MAILS AND LETTERS WE ARE GETTING FROM THOSE LOSERS:BE AWARE

Dear Friend,

How are you? With the hope that you and your family are ok.Sorry for
sending you this message, i just hope and pray that you will
and be of assistance to me.

I lost my parents and all my family in the tsunami disaster, 26th Dec.
2004. Its difficult to forget this day in my life. I am the only
survivor in my family because i was away to college in Jakarta when it
happened. Since then i have tried to live on my own, without any
family, each
day of my life i face lot of trauma. I dont want to tell you so much
about my life story because you never caused my predicament, but just
need you to help me relocate my trust fund which my late father kept
me in a safe deposit box with a private safekeeping/SECURITY company
here in Jakarta.

The safe contains US$4,000,000 in cash (four million united states
dollars). I want you to help me contact the company in Jakarta, that
are my late father's associate, so that the safe deposit box can be
shipped to you. I dont have any experience to manage this sum of
Please help me to be my investment manager to make this money useful
to me,
so that i can have hope for good future, continue my education and
a normal life again.

You can have 30% of this, while i have 70% in our joint investments. I
want to move out of Indonesia as quickly as possible to meet with you
after you have received the safe , because each day i live in trauma
fear of another possible Tsunami. Please dear friend, i trust you not
to abandon me in this my situation. Help me now. I hope to get your
reply. With lots of love,

Dewi Laksmi.

Note: pls sir for you to beleive what i tell you and not think its
a funny story on the internet, i hope to send you my photo, my
identification,my phone number and i will also be available to chat
with you. Pls send your reply to my secured e-mail which is:

1 comment:

  1. Yes, you are correct in your summary. I have been trying for two years to stop a group located in Jakarta, Indonesia as I have been the subject of the 419 Scam. I have contacted Interpol Indonesia, The Secret Service and othe law agencies as well as providing significant details to those agencies. But nothing happens and the SCAM continues.


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