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Monday, January 15, 2007

Attacking Iran?

Let say uhmm President Bush attacks Iran some how, or just to show face due to the humiliation of his mess in Iraq, Is that a good thing to do?

We have take a good look at this Case:

Iran is not Iraq, The people of Iran has seen the weak spots of our powerful troops in the whole world, we are still in Iraq confused, we don't know what is hitting our troops there, daily bombing, we are losing more of our troops and we still can't figure out how to protect them.

The Muslim world both Sunni and Shites will have a different look about America than what it's now. One of the thinking might be: America is going after all MUSLIM STATES.

Iraq will not be stable anymore if the United States hits Iran. All the man power and resources to fight so-call Terrorist or illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan will be in great strains.

The so-call war in Iraq has now become a CIVIL WAR in Iraq.

President Bush need to listen and stop the arrogant way of life and denial, the Iraq people are not afraid of death anymore, and that's not a good thing for us.

Despite the daily lost of life on both sides, President Bush can make a change now.

No matter what President will say or pretend he will do to make Iraq stable, is not going to work as long as he remain stubborn and denial.

War is a war, life are going to suffer and Innocent people will always lost there life.

Attacking Iran is not a good way to cover our shame.

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