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Monday, January 29, 2007


I was thinking that we are moving to a world of understanding and reality.
Regardless of our RELIGIOUS BELIEFS and moral values, which we all entitle to respect and protect, but something is just not right when it comes to this:

KUWAIT CITY (Agencies): Kuwait issued a decision Sunday banning men from working in shops selling “private” women’s garments like lingerie. The decision, issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, gave businesses until April 7 to implement the ban or face a fine of up to $700 for each violating worker. It said that special inspectors from the ministry would enforce the ban. The ministry also ordered its labour departments to stop recruiting male migrant labourers for employment in women’s lingerie shops.

The administrative circular number 53/2006 was issued according to a ministerial decree number 165/2006 to ban men from working at shops selling item of intimate apparel.
The establishments are given a three -month grace period which started on January 7th to substitute current male employees with female employees and violators will face penal action, the circular said.

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