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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The True Stroy About MUHAMMED?? By Robert Spencer: A Lier

As I was browsing the Internet few hours ago, I came across the most degrading, hateful and shameless book written by rober spencer or so-call whatever about the Prophet Muhammad.

To begin with, Islam never taught hates or insights anyone to commits unlawful acts.

Muhammad never married to a nine yrs old girl.

Muhammad never condemn Jews or Non-Muslims.

Islam is one of the world must peaceful religion and it also encourage all Muslims to treats everyone with respects and kindness.

Such people like robert spencer are the one preaching hates and anti-Muslims.

The world have came too far for some one like him to wake up from the wrong side of the bed and just right a false story to make money or cause problems.

If he want to know about Islam, he might need to learn or ask before miss-writing the real truths.

Despite the black cloud that has been cast against Islam and other religions, I personally think that people like robert spencer are danger to society.

It's about time the world wake-up and stop listening to crazy people who's soul aims is to divide and mislead us.

All religion of the world are important to there devout followers. PEACE ON EARTH

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