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Friday, January 19, 2007


Was there a hope that after Mr. Saddam death that Iraq will change course?

I hope no one think that way.

The situation in Iraq is getting worst not better, despite the day dreaming of  President Bush and some of his Neo-Con's. Iraq is in a serious problem.

The hates between the SUNNIS and SHIATES has been on the open and yes, The SHIATES has all the right to show there hates for the SUNNIS. But let's face the reality here, America has no right to invade Iraq in the first place: But that's then, now, what can we do to help cool off this fire?

Iraq don't need the hard shell or tough talks that President Bush putting up. The mistakes that have been made has to be accepted and get the Iraqis engaged in there day to day running of there Governments. I mean both the SUNNIS and SHIATES.

The more we wait and look at the differences or partition of those two sides, the more blood of innocent Iraqis will flow. What's America need to do there now is to change our tones of voice. This is a mess and wrong is wrong.

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