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Monday, January 01, 2007


"A blind person who sees is better than a seeing person who is blind."
Hanging of Mr. Saddam will not bring PEACE nor reconciliation to the WONDERFUL PEOPLE OF IRAQ.

We don't know what the Authorities are thinking before and during the last moments of Mr. Saddam Hanging on Saturday morning, but it might be wrong to make an kind of noise now, but We think the BAD BLOOD in IRAQ will continue for GENERATIONS to come.

Yes, Mr. Saddam was a brutal and stubborn RULER,So many IRAQIS, IRANIANS AND KUWAITI'S PEOPLE has died during his time in power, the Iraqis has not known what is TRUE DEMOCRACY during His rule, Mr. Saddam has been accused of GASSING his people, DRAIN THE MASH AREA. AND MANY MORE THAT HAS BEEN SAID OF HIM.

But HANGING him on the day of EID-UL-ADHA was not right or call for.
We see this as a RUSH to end his life and REVENGE by His SHIATE PEOPLE.
Now let see what PEACE they think will come after they put him to death. We don't see non.
We all will PRAY FOR PEACE FOR THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ AND ALL OVER THE WORLD. Yes, PEACE can prevail some how, but many common things can be done.
Let's think hard..

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