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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Prayer For SIERRA LEONE: Woman stabbed to death by Boyfriend..

Aruna George, 32, has been charged in the slaying of N’Dora Serry-Kamal, 25, with whom he has a 2-month-old son.

A 32-year-old man is charged in the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend yesterday morning. Friends of the couple say the 25-year-old mother was planning to kick him out of their North Side apartment because of his drug abuse.

Columbus police were called about 10:45 a.m. to 4851 Kingshill Dr., Apt. 207, where the boyfriend, Aruna George, greeted them, saying "I killed her, she’s in the bedroom," according to police reports.

Homicide detectives found N’Dora Serry-Kamal on the bedroom floor, bleeding from apparent stab wounds.

Columbus Fire Division paramedics pronounced her dead at 10:49 a.m.

"The dude was doing a lot of drugs, and she was getting ready to leave him," said Harold Bob Grey, a close friend of the couple

George, the father of Serry-Kamal’s 2-month-old baby, was charged with murder and taken into custody. He was being held in the Franklin County jail last night.

Serry-Kamal, whose parents are from Sierra Leone, was born in Virginia but moved to Columbus about five years ago, friends said.

"I’m upset," said Salam Amadu, a friend who also has roots in western Africa. "Where we are from we really don’t do something like this."

Serry-Kamal’s son, Rasheed, was with Amadu’s girlfriend when Serry-Kamal’s body was discovered, Amadu said.

Friends of Serry-Kamal congregated at the apartment building yesterday after receiving word of her death.

"She was a real well-known person, very outgoing," Cherri McNabb said. "She was sweet."

Serry-Kamal had a full-time job at a Sears customer service center, McNabb said. She was trying to care for her baby and was planning to change the locks on her apartment if George wouldn’t quit drugs, McNabb said.

Serry-Kamal’s mother was enroute from Virginia last night, McNabb added.

If the grandmother doesn’t take the baby, she said she would.

"I don’t want to see him in child services," McNabb said.

The slaying is the city’s fifth this year.

Dispatch reporter Tim Doulin contributed to this story.

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