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Monday, February 26, 2007

Top Reasons The Republican Leadership Is Losing The Terror War?

As We are going through both National and International News bulletins for our daily Bloggs and News Posting, We came across this article from "RYAN77",
It's an article We want to share, We are not making any judgements or comments on it, is just an article:

1. Those responsible for 9/11 are still at large.Despite having unlimited power and resources, the Republican Adminstration and Congressional leadership in this country have been unable to bring to justice anyone directly responsible for the execution of the largest act of terrorism on American soil.

2. Republicans believe killing terrorists will eradicate terrorism.
Republicans believe the war on terrorism can be won in the same way we won the war on Nazi Germany - by killing or capturing enough enemy combatants to force the enemy into submission.

3. Republicans do not understand, and refuse to acknowledge, the causes of terrorism and global Anti-American hatred.

Republicans believe every country on earth should adopt American values and American style democracy. And if they refuse, we have the right - or obligation - to impose them through military force. Republicans believe American leaders have the authority to place rules, regulations, and restrictions that are in America's best interests on any country we choose and, if necessary, inact punishments for not following them. Republicans are either unwilling or incapable of understanding the overwhelming arrogance and hypocrisy of American foreign policies and how those perceptions fuel worldwide hatred of America and Americans.

4. Republicans will never entertain withdrawing or reducing financial and military support for Israel. Because Republicans are in bed with powerful Jewish special interests they can never, and will never, be able to use the threat of nonsupport as a tool to force Israel to make the kind of concessions necessary for creating a permanent resolution to the Israeli/Palastinan conflict.

5. Republicans refuse to invade the countries from which terrorists operate - and the terrorists know it.
It is a fact that 19 of the 21 Sept. 11th hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia and obtained finaning for the attacks through Saudi banks and businesses. It is also common knowledge the high-ranking Al-Queda operatives, and even Osama bin Laden himself, have found safe harbor in Pakistan and continue to plot their attacks from within Pakistan's borders. Republicans say things like: "We will make no distinction between the terrorists themselves and the countries who harbor them", but they don't really mean it.

6. Republicans do not understand Muslims and believe Christianity is "right" and Islam is "wrong".
When a Christian blows up an abortion clinic because of his religious beliefs, you don't hear Republicans calling the bomber a "Christian Terrorist". Republicans view the religion of Christianity as inherently good and the religion of Islam as inherently evil and consequently, either intentionally or unintentionally, place themselves above Muslims because of it which causes them to underestimate them.

7. Republicans are not smart enough to defeat terrorists.
The frightening effectiveness of 21st century terrorism lies in its inability to be controled through traditional military tactics. Sadly, anyone with a couple dozen 5-gallon gas cans and a running vehicle can be a suicide bomber. It takes no planning, no time, no money, and no skill to carry out. It requires only willingness and motivation. And it cannot be predicted nor prevented. All the money in the world and the entire United State armed forces cannot stop a 19-year-old from strapping himself with 30 pounds of explosives and walking into a crowded shopping district and blowing himself up. The war on terrorism is a war of minds - not of weapons. And when it comes to war, Republicans are long on muscle and short on brains.

8. In fighting the war on terrorism, Republicans have refused to consider the opinions of the American people.
When arguing for a constitutional ammendment to ban same-sex marriage, Republicans almost always cite polls showing Americans overwhelmingly support for defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman as their primary justification for passing the ammendment. Shouldn't the will of the American People be considered just as important when it comes to fighting the war on terror? After all, we're the ones being murdered by the terrorists. Apparently not to Republicans. Despite polls showing a clear majority of Americans support a redeployment out of Iraq and are strongly oppossed to increasing troop levels there, Republican lawmkers have refused to listen and continue to insist on pursuing a flawed narrow strategy of "staying the course".

9. Republicans have incompentent leadership.
From George Bush to Dick Cheney to Donald Rumsfeld to Tom Delay to Michael Brown to General Casey the current Republican Party has proved over and over again they are incapable of providing competent leadership to handle largescale problems - either foreign or domestic. Over the last 7 years, the handling of any crisis large or small by the Republican Party produced a neverending laundry list of failures on the part of its leadership.

10. Republicans refuse to adapt.
By definition, a "Conservative" is a person reluctant to change. Even as we are losing the war on terrorism right before our very eyes, the Republican leadership in Washington has refused to make any substantial changes to its general war strategy of staying the course. I believe it was Albert Einstein who once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result each time". By that definition, the entire Bush Adminstration would be certifiable lunatics. With every possible indication that we are pursuing a failed war strategy that will inevitably end in our defeat, the Republican Party is either refusing to change its strategy or incapable of formulating a new strategy.

Either way is sufficient evidence they shouldn't be trusted to win the war on terror.

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