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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The WAR In IRAQ: Part 1

Regardless of President Bush and his backers aims of going to war with Iraq, the end results is now bad and fruitless.

War is not a child's play or a cat and mouse affairs.

The war has gone bad now, the amounts of innocent IRAQIS and UNITED STATES TROOPS killed is mounting and it's not looking good or coming to and end soon.

I have listened to so-called NEWS EXPERTS and WAR EXPERTS and so-called ANALYIST and HISTORIANS and more HIGHLY CLASSED KNOW'S  ALL. But non of them can send there children or relatives or even there dogs to the war in IRAQ, Including our POLITICIANS.

For the past three to four years of this war in IRAQ, not a single victory has been guaranteed and there is non guarantee in the future until Mr. Bush change his way of looking at this great down hill course.

President Saddam and his Sons has been killed and still yet the pressure just keep getting high and out of control.

In life as some of us know, victory is not everything, despite it matters always, but President Bush has to face a REALITY now and turn to a different page towards IRAQ. Too many life has been lost for no just course, the hard or tough talks by President Bush is time to change that and look for a better way,

The total isolation of IRAN and SYRIA is not the right thing to do. President Bush you can't isolate ARABS or MUSLIMS from MUSLIMS affairs that has gone bad, I mean completely bad, just like what we are facing now.

President Bush, If for any reasons you are thinking that PEACE in IRAQ will come easy by all those tough talks or Isolation, think again, It's not going to work.

Swallow your pride and let have a talk with reality. Forget about your legacy or so-called principals. The war in IRAQ is not in a healthy shape, and please Mr. Bush, you are the only one  right now who can change things around.

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