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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Politicing And Said To Glorify GOD, The world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, conducted a survey asking readers, "Should Christians be involved with politics?" Out of 351 responses, 270 believe that most Christians have been too complacent in the past concerning politics and should take a more active role. One participant said, "God has given us the freedom to be wise stewards of all that He has given us. In order to fulfill that role we must be involved in the political system of our country."

Lack of Christian participation has brought about some disturbing results in the U.S. Where were Christians when prayer was removed from the public school system? One respondent showed concern for the people's right to freedom of worship by stating, "We need more Christians to be involved with politics, or our right to believe in God will be taken away." Roe vs. Wade was a Supreme Court case that set the precedence making abortion legal. We need to elect people into the government who will make decisions based upon Biblical principles.

Thirty-five participants believe that Christians shouldn't be involved in government. There is much concern with this group about the evil of the system. "A true soldier for Christ has no part in civilian affairs," quoted one respondent. Several participants with this group seem to agree that we should pray for our leaders but not become participants in the political system because it is of the world. Can a Christian be involved directly in an evil system and remain a believer, or will the system corrupt the Christian?

There have been Christians in leadership positions in the past, such as the Founding Fathers and Biblical leaders, such as King David, and Joseph. Forty-six people voted that they were unsure on this issue. One respondent made a very valid point by stating, "Government is for the people, the people are not for the government." A Christian influence in the government can make a difference if that person is truly grounded in the Word of God. Do we have any Christian leaders in the system today? Has the Lord changed since the days of David, and Joseph? Through prayer the Lord is able to change the hearts of those in government. For more information, visit:

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