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Friday, April 27, 2007

From DC Indymedia: President Bush Is The Deal.

DC: We're kicking off Impeachment Summer! Spell IMPEACH! At the Washington MonumentAuthor
27 Apr 2007
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27 Apr 2007 12:34:43 PM
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between 14th St. NW and 15th St. NW at the foot of the Washington Monument
Washington, DC

starts: 04/28/2007 - 10:00am
ends: 04/28/2007 - 12:00pm

Map of Event

When: April 28, 2007, between 10:30 AM and 12 noon.

What: We're kicking off Impeachment Summer!

Bring a blanket, a picnic, the kids, the dog, five friends and maybe an instrument. We hope 1,000 people, core activists from the DC area (200 blankets of 5), will come help spell out for the benefit of Congress the word IMPEACH! which a photographer on top of the monument will take a photo of at noon. If it is bad weather we will postpone for a week (check for wx info if it looks bad).

We, the People, will remind the Congress of their sworn duty! Here's what we'll do.

April 28th will be the nation wide launch of Impeachment Summer, so we want to have a big Impeachment potluck picnic with 1,000 friends you didn't know you had. In September, at the Impeachment Summit, with 15 months remaining before Bush escapes office, we expect to have an
Impeachment picnic with 10,000 people! Let's get Impeachment back on the table of John Conyers and Nancy Pelosi, with lots of relish!

You can see a visual of the spontaneous attempt made January 27th with 200 people. See the anti-war protest off in the distance?

To find out about other April 28th events going on all over the country go to:

For those of you involved with big, national organizations who want the justice of Impeachment, we are hoping that your organization will sponsor, or pledge to fill one letter, or half of one letter. Let me know.

To spell IMPEACH! with 1,000 people we need 200 blankets of 5 people. The letter 'I' will require about 70 people, or 14 blankets. 'M' /245 people/47 blankets. 'P' 140 people/28 blankets. 'E' 175/35. 'A' 175/35 'C' 140/28 'H' 175/35 '!' 70/14

An Impeachment Justice and Peace group in northern Virginia has pledged the letter 'I', and I am pledging the '!' Please step in if your organization can pledge to populate a letter, it would be a big help if the people coming through your outreach already knew what letter to go to when they spread their blanket down. People should come by 11:30 a.m. at the latest. Please spread the word. All sponsoring groups will be identified to help bring people to your future Impeachment activities.

Don't hesitate to contact me with suggestions and offers to help. We will be needing some volunteer help and if we have some funds it will add to the effort. The first volunteers we need are to leaflet at the DC Voting Rights March to the Capitol from Freedom Plaza on Monday, April 16th at 2:30. Many participants will support Impeachment. Somewhere we'll find funds to pay for the leaflets.

Its just for fun, SERIOUS fun.

Plan to attend and continue to invite friends right up until the last minute. I mean, who doesn't want to go to a picnic? With 1,000 friends you haven't met yet!

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