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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Do You Remember Earl Spencer?

Earl Spencer, whose eulogy at the funeral of his sister Diana, Princess of Wales was recently named one of the greatest speeches of the 20th century, has launched a new career as a public speaking coach.

After being approached by a public speaking firm, Charles Spencer is training some of Britain's most successful businessmen and described the work as "incredibly satisfying and rewarding".

"I see executives from the top 20 firms in the City, who may be brilliant at their desks but have never had to project themselves," he told The Sunday Telegraph.

"Most of them are tongue-tied or have terrible hang-ups when it comes to public speaking, so I video them, we analyse what is bugging them and then we work from there."

Earl Spencer, 43, also spoke of his fears that the intense interest in his late sister's life and death would be "never-ending".

I think it is inevitable," he said. "I am pleased that Diana is remembered affectionately by so many, but with that also comes the prurient interest and commercialisation of her memory, which I think will just go on and on.

"Rather like JFK or Marilyn Monroe, she has a fascinating but tragic story, which I rather suspect has an endless life."

The earl condemned Channel 4 for last week broadcasting the documentary Diana: The Witnesses in the Tunnel, which showed photographs of the crash, against the wishes of her sons. "I would not want anything that would upset William, Harry or my sisters to be aired," he said.

He refused, however, to confirm whether he is still in touch with the princes, whom he pledged to nurture following their mother's death. "I do not talk about them," he said. "I do not talk about any members of the Royal Family."


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