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Sunday, September 02, 2007

D.C: DMV Mess My Truck up For Good

Annual vehicle check-up's is a MOST in Washington dc, and I think is a good and healthy way for the vehicle and Global warming.

But it was not so good for me when I went through with this process. My truck, (LANDROVER DISC.), It was running good, no sounds of concern(NO ENGINE NOISE OR UNDER THE HUD NOISE), But within twenty minutes at the DMV, everything changed with my truck for the worst.

One of the Inspector or Examiner asked me to turn on my lights, I did, he said step on the breaks, I did, no noise, everything was smooth, the regular stuffs and I do enjoy doing it for the Examiner.
He asked me to step off the truck, I did and he moved the truck to the examination line.

At this time I was standing at the wait area looking at the process, I always watch my truck when ever they are doing something on it. I was looking at the Examiner going back and front with my truck and stepping on the breaks as hard as he could, for at list six times, and I mean six good beating on my truck. I was a bit concerned at this time, but not that much, I want to asked why he's doing this, but I calmed myself down and waiting for the results.
The Examiner saw my looks and he turned the other way so he can not look at me.

The next thing I saw he was stepping on the gas while the truck is not even moving and I can hear the crying voice of my truck, this goes on for quite sometimes, and now I'm totally concern and I just want to jump out there and say enough, I know that something is just not right here, I saw all the other cars and trucks going through inspection without all this beating on there Vehicle.

I did passed the inspections, 100% good result. As I drove out of the DMV compound to the main road, my truck was shaking and my breaks was grinding. I was scared and I stop to see what's the matter here, I couldn't believed this, noise was coming from the engine, I pause and said to myself, is this real? but I said let me drive home, maybe the noise will go away, it didn't go away and the shaking continues.

The following day my truck was a mess, all my breaks and drums are damaged, It cost me $980.00 to get the breaks back. Two days later, my water bump and alternator are gone, It cost me another $800.00. And still yet my truck is not driving well.

I tried to talk to someone at the DMV, but guess what? no one seems to understand anything and they are so hard to reached.

I've been living here in Washington D.C for the past thirteen years now and I love D.C, But I will like to know if there are step by step rules on how to get vehicle inspection done, are those Examiner well trained? I think I just have to spend more money to get my truck back in good shape after the DC DMV Mess.

Let me know if anyone encounter this same mess.

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