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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Employee Credit Union: How True Are They?

One of my friend by the name of Mullah works for one of the 500 major company in the world "Marriott International".

Mullah has been with this company for the past ten years and he's been with the company Credit Union (MEFCU DIRECT) for as long as he's been with the company. But Mullah has some few credit issues and he's been working on getting his acts together.

As part of the American dreams, Mullah purchased a Condo in Washington D.c at a higher interest rate about a year and half ago now. The mortgage is high and the mortgage company is not helping to lower the interest rate, so the only option is for Mullah Credit union backing by approving him a refinance package which he badly need now.

Mullah has applied to his Credit Union ten times now, and today made it eleven times he's applied for  refinance on his higher mortgage. Mullah has called and talked in person to his Credit union and begged like a little boy for help. Instead the Credit Union told Mullah that they can't help him that much and besides, Mullah has to come up with some extra fees.

Well, the part that interesting to me more when I escorted Mullah to the Credit Union  for the eleventh Mortgage application: The loan officer was so hashed and unhelpful to my friend, she looked at his past applications and everything goes banana, she was trying to get us off her cubical and told Mullah only about higher fees that he might need to come up with first before anything can be done with his applications. I was ashamed for a huge and customer oriented company MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL to be so unhelpful to it's workers who are facing foreclosures or higher interest rates on there homes or condo's.

I've always looked at CREDIT UNION'S as some sort of life savers or Considerate's banking for there employees. I see no reasons why the Credit Union can not make a room for Mullah, he owned the Condo and a Car, those are points for him to make the loan, it's an investments. I strongly believes that second chances are needed for a struggling employee who is trying to make it out alive. Equal privileges for even the less fortunate one's. I wish I can help my friend Mullah and give him some money, but since I can't, I can blog it here and try to get some ideas for Mullah survival.

So readers, please send your comments or ideas on how I can help my friend get his Condo refinance before he fall flat on his face.

I personally think that Credit Unions are not what they say they are, In this harder days of the Mortgage crunch, that's the time to help your members Mr. Credit Union. Don't let your members drown in the big ocean of credit fever.

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