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Thursday, November 29, 2007

ISLAM: A Muslim View, May be.

The other day I listen to a speaker gave a good talk about the world and Muslims  view about it.

There was lot to learn and take with me, but not all MUSLIMS see's it that way.

Islam is not a bad religion, Infact it is one of the best FAITH in the world, It is peaceful and simple to live with.

The Prophet MOHAMMED never preach hates or violent's against anyone, the whole faith of ISLAM was built around forgiveness and care and help one an other. The Prophet was a man of  kindness and respects towards mankind and even animals. He respect his wives and all women, The Prophet of ISLAM never raised his voice on anyone, and in ISLAM it's wrong to talk like an ASS. ISLAM is complete and direct, despite some few people might look confused or try to make the faith looks bad or that hard, it is not.

On the other hand, Muslims has to change the way most of them looks at life and the world, there is not everyone out there who is just trying to get MUSLIMS and make them look bad. MUSLIMS themselves has to change and starts putting there acts together. Amongst MUSLIM themselves, they don't have to look others and tell them to change things while themselves has lot to change.  In the HOLY QURAN: ALLAH said that HE can not change a nation until the people themselves are ready to change themselves. There are lot of criticisms today in ISLAM, but most of the people who are doing the criticisms are not doing the right thing themselves. I think before someone find on others what's wrong, they need to find out what wrong with themselves  first. Finger pointing in any organizations just don't work.

Despite the world looks on MUSLIMS as troubling, It is the duty on every MUSLIMS to educates non-Muslims about ISLAM. Many people are mislead by non-Muslims  about ISLAM. MUSLIMS has to make it a duty to explain the simplicity and clear view about ISLAM. The majority of the world learn or hear about ISLAM via the media, and the media has nothing good to talk about ISLAM but trouble, terrorism and total disgrace. Let MUSLIMS never be offended or ashamed to educate anyone about there faith. MUSLIMS has to do the educating of the media or else, it is looking bad for MUSLIMS.

Despite ISLAM is the #1 fastest growing religion in the world and in the United States today, but the negatives and cloud is very strong against ISLAM.

Let every good MUSLIM go out there and educates the people about ISLAM, it is a duty upon the MUSLIM world. Hates and innocent killing is not part of ISLAM, The world might think so, but is not true.

Let's look at the developed world that used to be under ISLAM rule. i.e: SPAIN, INDIA, ETC, Can the world see how much ISLAM has done or came from?

MUSLIMS, look at all the non-Muslims who are fighting for ISLAM? i.e: the lawyers for the detained MUSLIMS in Guantanamo prisons, those lawyers are Christians, but they are fighting for the freedom of MUSLIMS in jails.  The MUSLIMS world have to see and learn and realized that ISLAM can not be miss-represented by people who don't know what's real.

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