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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Like The FBI Way Of Doing Things This Days.

This is an old case that the FBI trying to crack and they need the world to help them do that, good idea.
But what about all those modern day crimes going on like the 419 scams? I will always like to be an FBI Agent's, that's my long day dreams. I think and I'm sure that I can much better than many FBI Agents. The methods of the Agency is messed up.
It seems as if they have no head or long time goals.
But anyway, this is there ad's:

Help Us Solve the Enduring Mystery

Artist rendering of D.B. Cooper
Have any information on D.B. Cooper? Then e-mail us at
On a cold November night 36 years ago, in the driving wind and rain, somewhere between southern Washington state and just north of Portland, Oregon, a man calling himself Dan Cooper parachuted out of a plane he’d just hijacked clutching a bag filled with $200,000 in stolen cash.

Who was Cooper? Did he survive the jump? And what happened to the loot, only a small part of which has ever surfaced?

It’s a mystery, frankly. We’ve run down thousands of leads and considered all sorts of scenarios. And amateur sleuths have put forward plenty of their own theories. Yet the case remains unsolved.

Would we still like to get our man? Absolutely. And we have reignited the case—thanks to a Seattle case agent named Larry Carr and new technologies like DNA testing.

You can help. We’re providing here, for the first time, a series of pictures and information on the case. Please look it all over carefully to see if it triggers a memory or if you can provide any useful information."

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