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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Unknown, Forgotton, Monuments, Statues And Building In WASHINGTON, D.C., part # 1

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I always assumed that Italy or other European Countries have more Monuments and Statues than Washington, DC.

I was wrong when I starts to explore the greatness of Washington DC. I came to realized that, there might be more than 320 Statues and Monuments combine In Washington DC.

I will bring them into my blog on several parts, so come back more often as I will line them up for the world to see. Have fun and send me any comments as you explores with me:

CIMG2158  CIMG2159 CIMG2160 CIMG2161

CIMG2167 CIMG2164 CIMG2173  CIMG2187 CIMG2194 CIMG2196 CIMG2172    CIMG2198 CIMG2200   CIMG2188 CIMG2183 CIMG2185 CIMG2195

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