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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cocorioko Newspaper, Where is Thou Mercy? Part 2

One don't have to be partisan's to disagrees or express one views, Freedom of expression or speech is a GOD giving rights to all Mankind, whither poor or rich, colored or fade, APC or SLPP. At the same time, respect to each other is a must to all regardless of WHAT.

As I stated in one of my previous blogs, I'm still a big fan of all Sierra Leone Newspapers, Cocorioko is one of them.

I am a Blogger or I might be a News addicts or whatever someone might calls me. As such, I don't criticizes or pass judgments on anyone views, but if there are things that's going way too far on the negative side, one have to make some points across, may be it might makes one wake up or just a fair shake.

Cocorioko article's: "That Dream Team Hoax". 02/02/2009.

It's a wonderful thing and a blessing for all Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora and well wishers of our Mother land to read, see and engaged about the day to day events in the Country.

Cocorioko Newspaper is doing the job of journalism's or lip services for whatever political party it may supports, great thing to do until insults and partiality becomes the norm of the paper.

The article quoted above: Was a bit childish and mimicking of this great Newspaper:The names calling, the stone throwing, laughing at an opponent looks,so on, using the words: twists mouth.

One thing I wants to get across on the quick before writing further is: GOD creates us all in different forms and shapes. Cocorioko don't have to laugh at others looks, they just have to look at Cocorioko,(If you live in a glass house, you don't throw a stone). Lot to laugh there, don't they?

Well, let's move from there: Cocorioko might be right to be the APC flag bearer. I am not affiliated to any party or society. But I am a proud Sierra Leonean like each and everyone of you reading this article now. We can talk about how SLPP destroy our Mother land, but truth be told: How long did SLPP rules Sierra Leone since her Independents from our Colonial Masters?

I grew up under Siaka Steven regimes, was Siaka Steven head of SLPP? Ops, I think I'm wrong. I talked to few real people about our Home land politics, I came out with the ideas that: APC has ruled the country much longer than SLPP(Correct me pls. if I'm wrong).

But that's not the big story here,if we wants to point a finger at others mess, what about the remain four fingers that's pointing back at you?

Like the song goes"Sarra Lone Na We All Yone,Na We Sef Go Make Sarra Lone".

Cocorioko and all other Sierra Leone Newspapers on the Internet can do much more better for it's readers: The whole World is going through one of the great financial crisis and the light at the end of the tunnel is not so clear, many Sierra Leoneans are losing there houses, cars, some can't even have the means to sustain there family here, nor back at home, times are hard.

I recommends that all those who are going after each other and say things about how they looks or what they learn or have, to put that in good use. Let's writes about how we can survive this current condition, where to turn for help, banks that can help us, investments that can turn things around, how we can protect our children from drugs, jail and abuse in any forms or sizes.

Let's change the negative tunes to a semi-positive or productive melodies. Yes we can do it Sierra Leone Newspapers.
"A house divided amongst itself can not stand" A.Lincoln.

Sierra Leoneans are well talented people, we can use our talents to help each other, not to break us down or make us looks like fools.
Each and everyone of us have lot to learn from life and this great nation we find ourselves.

I'm not opposing the little rumbles we encounters between each other, but can we just do something better than using the Newspapers to go after someone you disagrees with?

I don't thing the Moses law will be a good thing to do, because in the end, we all will be blind.

Let's have an open debates and use our ideas to help, not to bully the powerless Sir. Long Live Sierra Leone.

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