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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cocorioko Newspaper, Where is Thou Mercy? Part # 3

Due to my previous two blogs: Cocorioko Newspaper,Where Is Thou Mercy"?, I've heard some few comments or shakes. I want to get one simple thing straight first: I have no problems with anyone or I'm not opposing anyone writings, but I'm blogging about what's interest me and what I saw as shameful journalism, and above all, I just want the Lovely people of the Motherland to be able to say or express there ideas or views without any one in the media shutting them down.

With that said: Let's go to part # 3.

I think someone forwarded or pasted one of my blogs at the Cocorioko forum and I was told Cocorioko deletes it right out. I'm not too surprised, but is that fair journalism or a total dictatorship? Anyway, it's Cocorioko websites, they have all the right to do what's important to them.

Again, let me say this one more time: I do not belong to any political party, nor a supporter of anyone, but a Sierra Leonean like anyone of you reading this blog right now.

There's no perfect society, nor a perfect human, but let's learn to listen and disagrees with each other in a human way. Using the media to blast someone who you disagrees with is wrong,childish, low blows and backward.

I read few Sierra Leone Newspapers daily and I will express my view about each and everyone if they jumps the line, not all of us have the time or means to do so, but for us who can, let's raise up and say something.

I am not Alpha Saidu Bangura, despite we might all disagrees with him on the way he sees life's or think, but the time we put in to abuses each other on the media, we can use it for better and productive things. Sierra Leone needs new ideas and she need us in the diaspora to show some sort of leadership or maturity for GOD sake.

Many wonderful Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora are facing hard times right now due to the economy crisis:Houses, Cars and even there day to day living is hard. Can we bring in people who knows more about how to turn the economy around and get advices. Help the people to know what can be done for them or there rights or places of help.

No one can tell any media what to write or say, but where is common sense here? Where is the News or Information's that might be beneficial to the World wide readers?

Where are the people of GOD? Well, may be who claim they are the people of GOD.

It's always wonderful to read about news from home, whither good or bad, but is not good when we're tearing up each other here just because of our political parties or because one makes more than the other or just a simple show-off. And going so low as telling someone how they looks, Wow, where is the Mirror? I will watch myself first before I tell you how ugly one looks.

Yes, we lives in a different World as many will say, but that's not the key to mislead others or be arrogant to others because you can write and publish News to the World. And yes, some of us needs to be fixed-up in some way, but again, too many beating on your weak opponents is total Human abuse.

Let our journalists grows up, this tribal or society differences is one of the major mess that put our country backward.

There are lot of talented Sierra Leoneans here, we need there positive contributions to our society, the jib jab of one opponents is crazy and sooner or later we will be blind with the Moses law.

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