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Monday, April 13, 2009

Are Secret Service Agents Above The Law?

Last night here in the Nation Capital, the Royal Trolley was packed along 15Th. street NW, which is located on the south west side of the White House (South Lawn).
The Royal Trolley is a Tour company here in D.C., The spot the Trolley was packed is the usual spots for all Buses, Trolleys, Vans and even Cabs. But what makes last evening different was when one of the Secret Services vehicle which was coming out of the White House south side exits in full speed and damaged the Royal Trolley driver side view mirrors and the Secret Services driver didn't even stop or check what he hits or missed.

Now, there was no emergency going on, the President was not going anywhere, no security convoy, just this one Secret Service guy drive a Secret Service Vehicle, and only him and God knows where he's heading.

Tourism in Washington, D.C is a bright business and those Trolley companies are taking a lot of hustles from both the park police and some government agencies.

Sometimes the park police will issues $500.00 parking tickets to Tours drivers when they park to let there guests off to see the sites. And oh, if you looking for some of the most arrogant and disrespectful offices in D.C, look for the Park police, they are not helpful and they can be so rude to Tourists and Tour drivers.

At this hard times in our Country history, I see no use to make life more difficulties for the common person who's trying to make ends meet.

I don't think anyone is above the law or special that much to hit someone vehicle and don't stop. That's a hit and run and that's a crime Mr. Secret Service. This is America sir,one Nation and everyone have to obey the laws of this land, that's what made us great.

What you did last night makes me to remember what life is in third World countries, that's where the powerful do as they wants and no one checks them out.

You owed that poor Tour driver his side view mirrors, he can't fights you or make a La-Di-DA about it. But do you have a soul or concerns for this Nation? Respect the law and fellow humans please sir.

I can see if thee was an emergency or the President is going somewhere, but non of that last evening.

Mr. Secret Service sir, whatever you believes or imagine is above you will judge you one day for this poor Tour driver Trolley you messed up and God don't like people who takes advantage on others.

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