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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eid Mubarak To All.

Fasting twenty nine or thirty days of the Holy month of Ramadan is not always easy and no one expecting it to be so.

But the courage and determinations that all Muslims undergoes to get to  the end of it all is amazing and very personal.

Ramadan is the time when Muslims don’t eat, drink, smoke, have sexual intercourse with there wife or even use profanity, and also one have to control there way of looking at beautiful women.

Despite is one of the fifth pillars of the Islamic faith and it’s compulsory to all Muslims who are in good health and capable to withstand the moments, one has to be really strong in one belief to uphold that great commitments of Fasting. I remember growing up in Koidu town, my Mualeem (teacher) will always says,'” if Fasting is for a human or a governments, he will not do it, because it’s hard, but is for GOD only and that’s why he’s doing it.”

Now is over and done with for this year, all the faithful went to the Mosque or community centers or even large halls to perform the Eid prayers, which in turn marks the final chapter of this glorious month for 2009.

This year Ramadan was a bit harder, long days and short nights, a bit hot too. But next year will be even harder, when it falls in the mid of Summer. For some of us who work outside or long hours at work or working two jobs to make ends meet and even if one don’t hard.

But I’ve to take my hat off to all the Muslims who tried and did there best to performed and completes this great deal of Fasting.Despite the Muslim population is growing larger and more advanced, there are many Muslims who bragged about been Muslims, but they don’t Fast, they’ll make up so much fancy excuses and brings up points why they can’t perform one of there religion requirements. But no one can judge anyone, excepts GOD.

I know lot of Muslims who went above and beyond to help the needy and there families during this Holy month, as requires by the faith. May GOD bless them all and there families and loved ones.

Now that Blessed month of Ramadan is done and gone. So is our LIFE, Life don’t have no guarantee for morrow or what next. But most of us deals with each other as if there’s guarantee for morrow and hurts others or just waste our time doing odds or evil against each other. Yes, many will say is good to enjoy today as if there’s' no morrow. But wait a minutes here; What will you do if there’s no morrow?

It will be better to help others that you’re a bit above, and that’s the truth about Life, there’s always someone you’re better than or making more than, while there’s always one who is better than you or making more than you. Life is not always a plain field and it will never be. Despite we’re all equal to GOD.

I asked myself many questions towards the end of Ramadan, and some of the questions I asked myself are important while some are not so important, but they have answers.

Now I’ve to starts working on few of the important one and by GOD willing, I’ll make it and solves most.

Peace on Earth. Eid Mubarak

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