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Saturday, November 14, 2009

ISLAM: The Religion Of Peace. Despite All Odds By Fanatics

Few weeks ago I starts thinking about this article and I find myself going way past what I really wants to write about.
But I think I know exactly what's in my mind and I'll spread it as simply as it can be about the misconceptions and black mailing of Islam.
For the past few weeks, I've seen on television lot of car bombing in the so-called Muslim World. Especially on Fridays (JUMMAH), which is the Muslim Holy day of the week.
Those Car bombs or suicides takes lot of Innocent Life's and hurts thousands of Peace Loving People of all Faith.
Let me just say this before moving on: Is WRONG and UN-ISLAMIC to kill innocent and peace loving People of any Faith. Islam forbid all aspect of killings innocent People.
" Do not take life, which Allah has made sacred, except through justice and the law. He orders this so that you may acquire wisdom" (6:151).
Looking at Islam and what this Faith represent has been totally washed asides by few so-called Muslims who thinks they know more or feels that they're practising the true Faith. Islam is a decent religion and very passionate and caring and devout.
When one hears the preaching of killing so-calls unbelievers. Now How can anyone tells another persons that they're unbelievers?
"Say : O ye that reject Faith!  I worship not that which ye worship, Nor will ye worship that which I worship.  And I will not worship that which ye have been won't to worship, Nor will ye worship that which I worship.  To you be your Way, and to me mine.  (The Noble Quran, 109:1-6)".
I'm sure that many Muslims are all peace loving and helpful individuals. They're very supportive of each other and to non-Muslims. They're hard working people and they take care of their families and loves ones. They Fast during the Holy month of Ramadan and gives there money to the needy or sick ones and they really try to make Life easy.
The burning things here is the way Life is now for many Muslims. Many Muslims are under Constance pressure from the Federal Authorities just because few Muslims has caused a bad image about this peaceful religion.
There's no magic one to correct things or nice way to make it looks. But Islam is going the way that a true Muslim will not want to see it.
Now, how can Muslims turn this around? God can not change the States of a Nation until the People themselves are ready and making a positive moves. Instead of defending the so-called Jihads or perfect ones. Let Muslims practice peace and respect for others Faith. Let Muslim realized that Only GOD can pass judgements on us. No one is perfect, but we can try to do better.
The Muslim population is growing at a faster pace than any other Faith. There are many genuine difference between Islam and other Faiths. Despite Islam talks about the One and true GOD, Islam also shows lot of disciplines and purity amongst each other.
And yes, Islam is a religion of Peace, Kindness and Understand.


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