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Saturday, January 02, 2010

How Safe Is Our First Black President?

I am not jumping on this band wagon about Party crasher or unwelcome guests to the White House.

I am a Washingtonian as many of us who have been living here for over fifteen years thinks.

I've seen three President occupied (President Obama) that great house called the White House.

But no one of those guys have more attentions than the current occupants and it's nothing funny about this.

I used to be a Tour Guide's and I've few runs with Secret Services Officers. Nothing bad with them, but some of them are just not real.

I bet anyone who wants to try me that 88 % of those Secret Service don't really understand the roads in Washington DC. Yes, they don't know around town. Despite they will always says that they go around with the MPD (Local Police Officers) But even them too don't know all the majors escapes route in this great City.

Well, someone will say so what? I think is important for them to know the City first and I'm sure that they know the game plan with security and protection is changing everyday.

The World is getting more troubled with those fanatics who thinks that they are better and the rest of World is wrong.

Security for the President and his family must be priority number one for the Secret Services and all major law enforcement's around the Nation Capital and every where the President travels. As far I've seen here in Washington DC, The Park Police and MPD work side by side with the President motorcades and foreign dignitaries when there're in town, they messed up traffic and sometimes towed vehicles as they see it fits. Sometimes the Secret Service will get into parked Buses and check them when the President is about to pass by, all that is good. But what next?

God forbidden if there's any major attacks in the Nation Capital while the President and his family are asleep or just hanging around in the White House, and there's no clear way how to fly the first family out of town or let's take them to Maryland or Virginia? How can the Secret Services keep the President around town safe? I bet you again, there will be more problems due to most of the Officers don't know there way around town, I mean the best route or how to run around the City for safety. Despite they will say they have safe houses. I bet you again if push comes to push, those safe houses are of no good. Or even how to get to them when the target is so high?

Do I think the Secret Services needs more better plans to escape from the City, Yes they do need more plans and it can be done.

Washington DC is a small City with less than 600,000 populations, that's includes majority of public workers who comes to the City for work, and if there will be any major attacks in the City, it will be during working days or public gathering, as we've learned now that those tugs or so called fanatics likes to make a huge impacts as there trade marks.

One funny things I've been seeing on the news lately is those so-called Experts, Experts on what? Where are all those so-called Experts when thousands of innocent people are killed each and everyday around the World?

The last time I gave up totally on those so-called Experts is during the Sniper crisis here in the Nation Capital. I pray that never repeats it self again. But there are hundreds of them on the Tele each day and giving there stories and all of them where lies and at the end, an older man ends up finding the snipers taking a naps, So I am not in the same line as others about Experts, I came from a Civil War Country, it was one of the saddest things in my Life.

Thousands of my people killed for no just reasons but Politics and greed.

Now, i am in the most powerful Country in the World and I'm very thankful to be. As such, I will always voice my observations and ideas as we go along.

Next, I will talk about the safety of Hotels and other public places in this great Nation Capital. Yes, Washington DC is a great place to visit and protects.

I am convinced that those tugs will try to do some mess in this place, no one can predicts everything in Life, but this is one is 87% sure of, Washington DC and New York are always big target, not to forget Los Angeles and Boston, Michigan and Washington States.

Also, they might try small towns America by doing other things that I might try not to mentions, security has to be all of us concerns and all of us have to.

The Salahi Family Party Crasher is major, but we have to learn from that few lessons. What is so special for the Salahi to get to the party without an invitations and how else can get more closer without notice? It will be more troubling.

The security for our President have to be beefed up as we learn how to let him be closer to the people, but safer.

Yes, we've to watch Al' Qaida or Talaban. But don't forget the White supremacist picking up speed just because the President is African American. They're getting stronger with all those so-called right wings Radio Talk show host who are fueling those people so much hates and propaganda. There's nothing wrong to voice one feelings or disagreements. But preaching hates and chaos is not human and it's a shame.

Let's take a look at what happened last month in Italy, Prime Minister Sylvia Berlusconi was attacked and was hurt and the Pope was dragged down by a mad lady.I know our agencies here are much more better and faster than the rest. Let's think about former Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto. Security is of major concerns for us all and our President.

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  1. It is such a great post! your though is great too! n good job u r doing i must say that keep it up!


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