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Monday, January 15, 2007


As Senator Clinton announce her intentions for the WHITE HOUSE, We need to get on board too as an observer and the PUBLIC EYES.

Few commentators are already jumping against her, for reasons that some of us just don't make sense of: But we want to look at some few points and we want you to make your own decisions:

*She was our former first Lady for eight (8) years and she did it with great dignity and courage. Yes, President Clinton (Her Husband) did make some few mistakes like any individual human can or can not do, but we the American people have moved past that, and by the way, President Clinton was a great leader. So back to our chats here, Mrs. Clinton stand by her Husband and yes, that's what a true lover or a great person can do to her loved one at a time of Crisis.

*Senator Clinton has won the Senate seat twice, She has showed the great people of New York how real she is, She has worked for them and she will continue to work for them and the people of this great Nation.

*Mrs. Clinton is a woman with a great vision for the United States; Regardless her stands on the WAR in Iraq and the aftermaths, she did what has to be done at the time of her decisions, now let's look back at September 11,2001, when we were attacked and thousand of innocent New Yorkers and Americans killed for no just reasons, we are all upset and mad and think of nothing else but to strike back at those Thugs who hates us, so when President Bush lied to us the American People and the congress, She goes with that fancy story of our President, But she explained herself and we have to understand.

America might unfair to a Female president contender, but She might need a chance to show what a Female President can do.

There is more to come, so just read along with us, we will bring all the truth to the American People..

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