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Monday, January 15, 2007

WAR ON 419ER'S SCAMMER, (So-Called NIGERIA Crimes)

Despite numerous Articles and Questions we have received concerning what the Federal Government have been doing towards those THUGS.
We still trying to find out from the Federal Agency the right answers, but no one wants to talk to us.

We know that we took a big responsibility to fight against those SCAMMERS,but someone have to do it anyway, and we are doing it, but we need the PUBLIC help too and SUPPORTS.
Please send us any fraud e-mails or letters, we will publish them for everyone to see or read.

I am personally repeating this again: If we don't put stop on those 419er's, So-Called TERRORIST will find a safe way to raise funding for there troubles. Our Agency can fight those THUGS and make a huge difference, but what's going on? How can we talk to the Federal Government about what we can do to make a change. please advice us.

The amounts of Senior Citizens who have been blind by those Thugs has increased and it's going up more.

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