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Thursday, January 04, 2007

A New Day For America And The World (DEMS TOOK POWER)

After Years of CONSERVATIVES RULES or so-called REPUBLICAN MAJORITIES, It's a new dawn for the Democrats:

Yes, No one can predicts what's next as far as AMERICAN POLITICS is concerned, but we're looking for a big change here in how things are done and manners of how they are done: POLITICS. It's a messy game and it can also be productive when done right.

Hats off to Chair Woman Nancy, The first WOMAN to hold that job as MADAM SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. It's about time. But few advices for MADAM SPEAKER:

*No revenge.

*No personal fame.

*No old tricks.

*No back biting.

*Nothing to hide. Even when is against you or your party members.

No one says it will get easy or nicer always, but for heaven sake, please, try to work with the PRESIDENT for the good of the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

The President has dogged himself a huge hole, but pardoning someone who you know can get things right always is a good thing.

Iraq: we are in trouble already, no matter what President Bush will say next week or months to come, we are toasted. But there is also HOPE and SOLUTIONS for us to get out or show some signs of life in this.

We have to move forward, we get to Iraq with false ideas, and now the AMERICAN PEOPLE have seen the light some how at the end of the Tunnel, President Bush can not get us there if he remain steadfast with his current dreams or imaginations.

More of our SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN will lost there life and our great nation will remain divided if we don't try to change now.

We are not late yet as there is still chances to make wrongs goes right, but only if Mr. President ready to listen and change COURSE....

Yes, He can do it..

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