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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Despite the killing of Mr. Saddam and or His co-defendants, PEACE will not return to Iraq just for that.

We don't know what President Bush has to say in few days time about the New Iraq or Plans to MOVE FORWARD ON IRAQ, But let me say this:

Adding more BOOT ON THE GROUND in Iraq is not going to make a great different. The bitter blood between the SUNNIS AND SHIATE needs to be look into, No One will fix those issue but the Iraqis themselves.

The hard or tough TALKS from President Bush and His Entourages is not making things easy. We here in the UNITED STATES might be living in a dream or fantasy world about what we want to do or make Iraqis look that; But the Iraqis are bitter amongst themselves and against the outside world for several reasons; This might be Non-sense to talk about again: But Killing Mr. Saddam or HANGING Him was a mistake.

Despite all the Thousands of Iraqis who have died under Mr. Saddam rules, Giving him life imprisonments or etc, might show some sense of realities and a sense of MOVE ON, Paying EVIL FOR EVIL is not always wise, AN EYE FOR AN EYE WILL LET  ALL OF US BLIND. Make no mistake here; We do not support Mr. Saddam for all that he has done to punish his people, He was a Dictator and a Mad Man. WHO MADE HIM THAT WAY? Pls. answer us:

President Bush, Pls. Listen to REALITY; Your hardness and talks will not make things easy for Iraqis, we need to look beyond politics and fame's.

Things are really bad in Iraq now, daily killings is not what the PEOPLE OF IRAQ ARE LOOKING FOR. Let face the truth, let face the reality, let face the future now, and that is: if we don't change now, nothing will be good later, We can do it. IRAQ can be handle..

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