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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Can Online Dating Services Bridge Cultures Divides?

Love brings people from various backgrounds together and historically has been known to flourish in any type of atmosphere. And this ideal is still alive and well today, even if it is in the virtual environment. Effortlessly traversing physical boundaries, the Internet give people from two different parts of the world an opportunity to communicate as equals without hindrance. Naturally, therefore, it is not uncommon for dating websites to forge relationships between people of various nationalities, ideologies and opinions.

Dating sites are usually neutral grounds, and unlike forums and blogs, can remain untouched by hardcore political discussions. Usually, when looking for love online, the face as well as the feelings and emotions on general topics like family, career or relationships are the driving factors in developing an online interest.

A single man, for instance, usually wants to know more about how a prospective date looks, how she dresses, her views on family and relationships and her hobbies and interests, rather than her political leanings. A woman has similar priorities while dating online: appearance, emotions, and perhaps a sense of humor count the most. Cultural backgrounds and ideologies are less important a criterion for singles looking for loving online.

As a consequence, people from very diverse backgrounds can amicably exchange opinions, as described in a recent article. An Israeli man on an Israeli dating service has been proposed to by a Muslim woman from Kuwait, and he decides to explore his options rather than reject her outright. Since their encounter is virtual, they are able to retain a sense of perspective beyond the Israel-Palestine conflict, despite the fact that she is actually a displaced Palestinian, and he is a native of Israel.

In a country like Kuwait where the concept of dating does not exist, where sex before marriage is unheard of, and where any attempted dating ends in honor killings rather than marriage, a dating site can bring a Palestinian and Israeli together. An online dating service in Israel empowers a Palestinian woman in Kuwait to take a step that can only be called radical in her own community. In our modern times, a dating site is one of the few remaining venues where love seems to be able to blossom irrespective of deep-rooted ideological differences


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