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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Everyone Have A Story To Tell..

Thinking back, it was last October, during the end of Ramadan that I pen down a serious blog, since then I’ve been in and out or drifted away from my blog. Despite many readers of my blogs have sent me e-mails and notes and requesting me to starts  blogging again, I still drag my feet. Until  few weeks ago,Kerollyne wrote me an e-mail and asking me to get back on my writings. As she finds my blogs interesting and simple. And now I am writing and I will write from now on.

I don’t know what’s my blogs means to others or what it might inspired or say to anyone. But we all have a story and we’ve to share it in some form or shape. And that’s why this blog is entitled: Everyone Have A Story.

I don’t blog for  living, despite I do have few ads. that are placed on my blog home page by an advertising company, but I make less than $10 a month from those ads.

I might make money doing my second hobby: PHOTOS. I likes taking pictures and it’s a good pass time for me too.

Since my last serious blog last year, I’ve seen lot in Life, that’s includes laughs and sorrows, pains and confusions, miscommunications and all sorts of Life events. Some I learned from and some are just same old stories again.

But I’ll try to jump on them in my blogs as days and weeks and months and years goes by. As we all knows, that Life is something like that.

I think if I want to starts a confusions for my readers, I’ve to talk about Politics and Sports, those are always hot buttons all around the World. But there are even more pressing and important stories out there. Starvation, oppressed people and the list goes on.

As a Sierra Leonean, I know a bit about war and starvation and conflict and disease and poor governments and sorrows.

But yes again, we all have a story to tell, I am doing mine in my blogs, let’s everyone try to tell some of there’s too. I know we all can’t do this much writing, but is always good to starts some where always.

As this blogs goes to Kerollyne for giving me the push and kick to starts my blogs again, I think God is a good God for giving each and everyone some people who can see goodness in you despite you might not worth anything to them or have it all.

So my readers, I am kindly asking each and everyone who might stumble to my blogs, please send me feed back, my grammars might be wrong or miss-spelt words sometimes, I want to hear from you and correct me and give me ideas.

As I am cross checking this blog now before posting it, I am down with cold, running nose and coughing and sneezing, but I’ve to get it done. No excuses.

Let’s read on..

1 comment:

  1. Saidu,
    So good to see you back to writing. I will post another comment later on but I want you to know I am glad you got back to it.I got touched to see my name at your blog...


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