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Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Friend Moodu Pea Real Life Stories. Part #1

I've meet many good friends in my Life, I've seen many friends comes and goes, I've seen friends who stands with you and fall with you and you can always counts on them.
I've seen friends who are just vulnerable and always seek helps and knowledge and they'll be there for you no matter what the tides is. One friend I've seen with the biggest differences is a friend that's so dear to me and his name is Moodu Pea.
I asked Moodu if I can write or just blog about some of his encounters in life, he said yes, and I promised I'll keep it simple and less graphic (There's nothing big about it).
Life is a journey, and it depends how one starts the journey. Some choices we made in the beginning can lead us astray if we don't shape up and change course fast.
Moodu, my best friend came from Africa and he was helped by his some of his relatives here, his late Uncle in Africa(May His Soul Rest In Peace) helps more and his Aunt's here in the States helps him and try to stand by him, but it was not for long before things starts to fall apart, reasons unknown. But no finger pointing here. His Aunt's thinks Moodu is the worst human being on Earth, but Moodu likes his Aunt and respect her lot.
Moodu, is a caring and very friendly guy, he will always goes the extra miles for anyone, especially for his family members, despite his family always looking for faults on him. I laughed when he told me that his family always try's to make him as the lost cause, I asked him what he means by that, he said in life, everyone want to point finger or find someone they can laugh at. It makes me remember what my grand-ma used to say: "Everyone wants to laugh at a mad person, but no one wants to give birth to a man person", and I find that to be 100% true, I know that about me and my family too.
Moodu have children and his a wonderful father to them, he will go the extra miles just to make sure they feels good and yes, I am a living wittiness to that.
My friend Moodu is a single man and lives a kind of lonely life styles sometimes, despite he workout hard and try to do what makes him happy and eat right, I never saw my friend upsets about life or about how things are, he seems to take things as they're and he always have that hope that tomorrow will be better than today. I admires   anyone who always have that drives.
As I starts this project about Moodu Pea, I realized I've to write lot of stuffs, so I decided to break it down to as many parts that I can, so I'll move to part 2.


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