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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Life Is Life

Sometimes is just good to starts writing and let things flow.
The Thanksgiving holiday came and gone, despite each and everyday is a Thanksgiving for most of us. Life is still here. I drove to my Uncle house in Stafford, Virginia to starts the holiday and I ends up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Couple of years ago, I used to spend Thanksgiving in New Jersey at my Cousin house, all my immediate family members will be there, but time has changed and now Life has giving us all lot of reasons to look out for other things. But I do missed it lot. I remember one time I took my former lover Mrs. Tity Deen to  New Jersey for Thanksgiving and my Uncle told me that Tity will be the best partner in my Life, my Uncle was right, but I screwed up and I let Tity go and I've never meet any good lady like Tity. It hurts when I even think about it. Sometimes we kicked our blessing with our left foot as the saying goes. She was a great lady and full of grace, her beauty, respect and cares for me and my family was above expectations.
I always wish I can go back to those old good days, it was a blessings and I missed her sometimes when I encounters someone who's the complete opposites. But Life moves on so do we all.
Back to my Thanksgiving joy ride: I did have a great time and lot to eat, despite I don't do the Turkey well. I felt relaxed and invigorated, I felt some quite moments in Chapel Hill with Sultan, driving around the City and going to places that I used to visit some seven years ago, I always likes driving lot.
Heading back home on Friday morning in time for me to go for Jummah prayers was a whole lot different story. I was pulled over by a Virginia State trooper for speeding. God, I was not speeding. I've an older 1999 Truck and I am a careful driver on the road. I was a bit upsets and I obey all his request and I told him thanks after he gave me the ticket.
I know that in the Southern States, a black guy like me don't have any chance to say much to a police officer, due to the racial stuffs and all the negative mess.
Thanks to God I get home safe and the state trooper didn't shoot me as an accident.(Just kidding).
Sometimes Life don't needs all the over load or high tensions we puts on it. We can learn and try to keep things simple and easy. We build up stress for simple things and by the end, those things don't even matters to us.

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