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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Way It Seems

Beginning of a new year 2011. Few days ago I was talking to a friend at work and he said to me, "Wow, Life surely moves faster".
As confusing I was at the time, I asked him, "What do you mean?" He said 2010 just finished and most of his plans are not completed for the past year and now a new year and he have new plans despite last year plans are uncompleted.
Well, that seems true for almost all of us that work day and night to make ends meets, Life it self is not easy for anyone. I imagine myself with all my sweet dreams, I planned to go see my Mom last year and I planned it twice, but I can't make it. My wonderful uncle who lives in Stafford, Virginia told me that I've to go see my Mom, after I've planned to traveled with him last year, I felt so sad and down. Now that's my favourite uncle who cares much about me and always wishes me well.
As I talks to my Mom each and everyday, I realized that my Mom missing me, but she's fine when she hears my voice on the phone and when she receives her monthly supports and she's always loaded with all her needs: rice, provisions, kerosene, food and as she calls it: her pocket money.
I am very thankful to God that I can provides for my families, My Mom is always my responsibilities and God will always make me do it to the fullest.
One day my younger brother Yussufu was telling me that many people who lives here and abroad don't even cares to send money or take care of there parents, and he said he's proud and happy that I can do my best for them. I said wow, I didn't know that someone will be so proud of me. After all I am just doing a duty that I owed for life.
As the Africa or Islamic beliefs says that one have to take care of there families for life. I am doing it and it doesn't makes me any different.
Life, as my friend's will say: Sucks sometimes. And oh yes that's true.Looking back at few family problems I have and few hard times I've been in, I am always thankful to God for everything, the good and the bad.
But this is a new year now, I plans few things, God help me to do them and help me to be happy and help me God to do my blogging daily or more.
So, for now let's starts this new year well. I'll listen to my friend's words and plan things and make sure I try to do what's right and be happy. Life is stressful and it comes with lot of push.
Let the ball roll. God help us all.

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