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Sunday, May 08, 2011

For The Love Of Mother's

It's Mother's day here and all around the World. I called my Mom a bit late but she always understand. I told her everyday is mother's day for me and her.

As my daily routines goes in the morning, today was a bit funny but serious. I normally runs two (2) miles in the morning, (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday), While I'll runs one and half miles on Saturday and Sunday, and that's due to the hours of the Vida gym, of which I can say I am deeply addicted to that place.

Today, while I was getting myself fresh up for work, a young guy came into the locker room and I realized he was looking at me, despite that happens many time, but this young guy was a bit confused, I says hello and I continue doing what I was doing and get myself down to work.

Later on I saw him again downstairs and this time he was walking towards me and he stopped and asked me if I was the guy in the gym locker room this morning, I says yes and I said I saw you too. He went on to ask me if I am using any form of chemicals or steroids on my body building missions, I laughed and says NO, I mean NO. I've never used any drugs or chemicals or anything of the sort. And then that's when I realized that he was looking at my msucles this morning in the locker room.

This young guy went on and says to me and my co-worker that he's using  STEROIDS for body building and he want to get bigger and built. I laugh first, but then I stopped and say's: Why do you want to use drugs to get built or bigger? I have a long talks with him and I warn him that drugs is not the right way to go, He asked me how did I do it with out drugs, I simply says, work harder and harder and don't back off.

So, he walked away and came back and still want to chat with me, I offer to train with him, but he lives out of town. He said he likes my advice and he will try to do without drugs. But the scary things about this all is the aftermath of drugs to build muscles.

I've heard lot of things about the harmful use of drugs and supplements of any kinds. I sometimes take "One a day for men" as a form of Multi-Vitamins, but I don't do it each and everyday. I am not an expert on this topics, but I prefer to keep things simple.

Few weeks ago, I realized I am gaining few more weights ( Muscles), I then start checking what's going on, I realized I've start eating Cereals, I don't use regular milk, I am using Soy Milk, I am sure that's the cause of gaining more muscles. I am not too sure, so I am going slow on the Soy Milk for now.

God help us please.

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