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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me....

My birthday: Nothing big about it, nothing small about it too.

Starts well in the morning and yes, I’ve to say thanks to GOD for all HIS blessings and kindness in my Life and family’s and all love ones and everyday people I meets and greets and workout with and just share simple stories.

Despite my shoulder was paining me, I managed to workout and my co-workers sang me “Happy Birthday”, a bit nicer and calm way, making me feels like I’m special.

I received two lovely gifts basket from two wonderful people who thinks I am a good Soul, (lol). They moved me a bit and I am very thankful to have good people who cares for me despite I don’t worth that much in there daily life’s.

The sad part of things is when I heard from a special one the worst excuses any reasonable person will gives, never wishes me a happy birthday until later in the evening when I mentioned it. Wow. That’s cold. And the worst excuses I can get is: I was waiting to talk to you first, O Kay, We’ve been chatting the whole day. It really gets me a bit shaken. But I always prefer when people say the truth and it’s much simple. Life is always like that sometimes. Keep it simple and open and no need to make up stuffs.

Oh, I forget “Face Book”, I tried to hide my birthday on face book, reasons best known to me, but is just me and I tried to just be me. Finally when I get home late at night I decided to put it on and in few minutes, I already received twenty two birthday wishes. That was very nice and I am very thankful for all those who send me best wishes. I mean it. I likes when people are natural and real and just say it as it is. Thanks to each and everyone who send me messages without me reminding them. You all mean the World to me. May God help us all always and give us good health.

My Cousin’s have her graduations party last night too. I didn’t attend it. I am sure I’ll be the sacrificial lamb for the family’s to chew me alive with all bad mouthing. But hey, such is Life. I am bless with a family that sees me as the worst the World can produce. Nothing good comes from them about me. Life is Life, I like that song.

Anyway, it’s my birthday and I pray for all the best and to see many, many more to come. My Mother prays for me. I like the way she was saying her prayers for me. I am sure God will always answer her. My Mother wishes for my next birthday that I have a life long partner and settle down. I want to settle down God knows I want to. Please God help. No man is an Island, no matter what one thinks they’re.


  1. i have learn not to make excuses again in my life, i make the excuse bcos i dont want to hurt you but i ended up..... , i know i'm wrong pleassssse find it in your heart to forgive me, i wish i can change the hold thing but i promise to make it up to you......i love you..i really do.

  2. I'm good with dates escipally birthdays. I take birthdays very serious. To me, a birthday marks the day the almighty God deliver you on earth. The bottom line is, If someone you greatly cares about forgets your birthday, This shows that they really don't seek your interest at heart. Hey that's my opinion.


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