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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Looking Towards RAMADAN

"Prayer carries us half way to God, fasting brings us to the door of His palace, and alms-giving procures us admission."--Muslim proverb
Ramadan is here and it's going to be a hot Summer of Fasting. But it's a duty on all able Muslims to observe and respect this holy month of ours.
I started observing Ramadan since I was 13 years of age, now I'm in my 40's. It takes lot of disciplines and courage. But I've learned lot during Ramadan about Life, Societies, and Faith. Is not only the abstains from food, drink, or sexual acts. But Ramadan get deep in us in ways beyond our imaginations
Been in the United States for awhile now, I can reports that Ramadan feels a lot different here. Back home in Africa, Iftar (Breaking of Fast) is a big deal, we came together as families or communities and eat together and prays together. It always gives one that special feelings of bonding and heart felts supports from each other.
Ramadan:  As a Muslim and a practising Muslims (Five daily Prayers, Fasting during Ramadan), I always planed things during Ramadan for the rest of the year, somethings I've planed never works, while some of the plans does. But I never stop making plans.But I thinks that how life is, We all plans and we all try our best and sometimes our best is not enough. But we still keep on trying and pushing. With God help all will be well.
Couple of months now, I've plans. Marriage, Seeing my Mother more. I don't know how real she might be with me. But I thinks I've meet a girl who I can settle down with. Loves can not be staple always or guarantee, but sometimes we meet people who just get your heart and capture it and can't let go, yes it's funny to say, but loves do comes in different sizes and styles and ways.
Despite I am a single father, I've been loved and hurts and all sort of stuffs, I've learned not to give up and say its the end of the lines. It's never the end or the beginning.
People are all different, Life is not always smooth, but we've to do what we can to make it.
As Ramadan coming so fast, I am now looking back to the past year,  some friends and family members that are not with us anymore, Oh Life, it's bite on both sides sometimes and no where to turns but to God.
No one knows what morrow will bring us, no one knows what's next, no one can promise all, no one can say they get it all, no one can laugh forever, no one can cry forever. God help us to observes Ramadan right, accepts our Fasting and prayers and requests as we all have tons of request or demands. God help us to be aware of YOUR grace and Might.
Pardon us and heal us and guide us all. God spread peace on Earth.

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