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Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's Going On?

"Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today." - Groucho Marx 

The end of a year, the end of many things, the end of some routines. But wait, it's always a new beginning of something, that's always going to happen in daily life.

Chatting with friends about the "Mayan" calender and there belief. Despite my faith and way of life, I am quite sure that December 21 is not the end of this World, it might be the end of the "Mayan" calender alone. Only GOD knows when this World will end. As some will say "your World ends when one expires this life".

Looking back this past few days, I have been sad and feel lonely, despite I was down with "respiratory Virus"  as my doctors calls it, I've been down feeling sad. Not for all what this year has been for me and my family's and friends and other people that I know, but I just can't get few important points to someone I loves and wants to be with and cares for deeply.

I know love don't comes easy or can't be buy with money, understanding that sometimes we all can't do all we wants at the time we wish for or hope for or wants.

That's something that's eating me up a bit.

I have to travel, this is a trip I've to get done, this is an important trip in my life, this is about me settling down and complete my FAITH as a Muslim. 

I sometimes wish I've the magic one's always and I can just play with it, but is not like that always. Trying to understand someone who's far away from each other can't always work smooth.

I've no one to blame but me and me alone. At my age now, I don't want to be alone always, I've been alone for too long and it's not an easy life, despite it's cool and calm and no one can tell you what to do or how to live your life, but this life needs changes and needs body. No one can be an Island forever, I pray God.  

God I wish I can get my points across and make someone to see and understand my cry, but I've come to realized that no one cares but there own points that's all that matters now. Is this love or lost?

Trust me, I know what I wants in life, I know I can't be with anyone that I've to go out for party each and every week. I know what I want, I know that there are someone out there who can feel for me or just understand my pains or cry. 

After all, this is not a bad World you know. 

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