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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day In The USA.

"Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today." - Groucho Marx

Since September to now, my family has seen few sad times, dealing with death, illness and other matters. As things happens I start to see how much one can handles when the challenges raised.  I see more of what people means to each other than just what one person wants for themself alone and no one else.

I finished my tax issues with the IRS, which was a bit pain in the rear. The stress of getting things while you might not want to always explain your case to the World, it can get a bit hard, and sometimes people will just thinks all is well with you or you’re too calm and don’t want to cry out for help or mental supports, at the same times, crying out doesn’t always solves one problems, instead they’ll look at you as weak, lazy, careless, a pain or even worst, more unknown assumptions.

As a single father and someone who’s taking great care of his mother and other’s, it’s seems cool when everyone can cry on you but there’s no one you can cry upon, oh well except GOD, Who can be the right one to cry upon.

I’ve blog many stories in the past months while I just don’t have the courage to post them, reasons? None, I am not going to make fancy excuses here and try to feel sorry for myself. Sure enough I can do better, I can write and post things, it does helps me and the few people that might come across it, but more important, it’s get the attention of my baby Fati. God bless her heart for me always.

We’ve past the elections, we’re now putting Thanksgiving behind us, despite it’s good to be thankful daily, now what next?

I took my over due Sea trip, which was way over due, it was kind enough for me to just relaxed for three days and get couple hundreds of nature photos, despite I am still uploading them, lazy? yes that’s what I’ll call my big head.

I am very thankful for life, family’s, job, health, good friends, and Fatima.

God help us all and help us makes the changes we’re fighting within ourselves daily. God help us to keep our health, family and love one and make our faith stronger and grant us our daily requests, whatever that might be.

It’s Thanksgiving Thursday people.

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