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Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Blog. I am Back

As iam signing into my blogging websites again, after a year and some months of not posting.  I have so many "THEME" to embark on. This time is about my mom, jobs, lifes, Woman, love, familities, life in America, the gym , etc.

  But  as i was sitting in the steam room just less than an hour ago , after my vigorous workout . I was in the steam room with a gym partner, though, he's not my friend but we use the same gym, sometimes the same equipments, the same pool and now the same steam room. He is a big guy, sometimes , he's a show to watch, i mean the way he uses the the gym equipments wrongly  sometimes but i feel like warning him to be careful about the way he uses the equipments but i didn't,  i know i can be vocal too fast when things are wrong, despite i am not perfect but when it comes to gym , my blood always run fast. O Kay!  let me go  back a little bit :

I have being trying for the past seven months now to post most of what i wrote while i was with my late mother back in freetown. I lost my mom on the 8th, may 2013. I was helpless looking at her dieing on my arms and i could't do anything, i became so speechless for a while but i struggle to wake myself up and say "from God we came and to God we shall return", i am a musilm , so i have to accept the reality of life . Hmmm... Death is inevitable! My mom died from congestive heart failure.

   I  might write about those sad days or just post those blogs that i wrote and never post. December 29th, 2013, few days to new year and i know i don't want to be among the people who will always says their new year resolutions at the beginning of  a new year . Today  i am going to re- starts my blogging and this time , its forever, God willing.

Back to the steam room, this Sunday evening the guy i said , is one of my gym partner', his name is Derek. He's over weight, and will be roughly about 280 Lbs, 6ft, 4in. I am taller than him but i weight less than him, i am 239 Lbs.  Funnily , we started conversation about level of temperature of the heat , in the steam room. Derek says  to me , he likes it hotter but i like the steam at normal temperature. He was showing me how to keep the steam  hotter, And he suddenly says to me "you are a muscle man" and  then i said , oh well, because i hear that always from others, so, hearing it , is not a big deal to me. Then i asked him , Derek what is your weight? And he said is weighing 280 lbs, then i says , Oh wow!  Thats a lot. And then we continue talking about the important of workout and staying healthy. But then i cant remember how we ends up about : health matters". But in our conversation he also told me,  his blood pressure is very high and he's on medication.

  we stayed in the steam room for about fifteen minutes and its hot but this is the deal for the first of my blog this new year. I am going to be writing about things that matters to me and to the people closer to me but i am going to concentrate and write more on health than ever before, also i want us all to know that we're responsible for our life, health and how we do things.

Back to Derek, he keeps talking,  while  i am sweating and enjoying the steam. As he talks , i started realizing or let me say,i learned something new about our health. O Kay!  Now back to my family,  my family have the history of obesity and high blood pressure. Sometimes it's scared me a lot looking at my daughter who is growing so fast,  the last time we went to see her doctor, the doctor was telling me that i have to help my daughter get in shape. My girl is just a bit above her weight and  her doctor says she as a cholesterol which i have too and i am fighting it hard daily by working out five (5) to six (6) days in a week and i sometimes , think i am  crazy about my health but i am not and i also think i am doing too much but i am not. Our health is the most precious thing we need to give more attention to in life, so we all have to take care of our health . It's not jokes out there.

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