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Friday, March 21, 2014

Nothing Stay's The Same Forever...

Fasted for almost eleven hours, wakes up and take Sally to school, I then drives head first to Dr. Moody office.
It's my year
physical exams. As the ritual goes, "Blood work first", after results are in, the physical
​body works ​
kicks in. It's a routine that I've done for the past several years now, I am
n my forties now, and more considerate than before. I normally don't see doctor's for years in the past, that sometimes ago.I find myself now more careful and health guru
​ kind of guy now (Despite I don't know much about it anyway)​
, if I may borrow that word. I am not a doctor or health personnel,  but I have been thinking deeper about health since my mother passed away, despite about four years ago when my daughter was diagnose with high cholesterol, I tried to starts monitoring things, we start
eating salad instead of fast food, we start
baking food at home instead of eating at restaurants, but it only last for few weeks, we're back to our old tricks again.Now, my mom died from "Heart problems". My whole views has changed from that day on about my health and love ones health.
​ It's get scary sometimes when I imagine me eating all kind of junk food that I used to, despite I don't smoke or drinks alcohol, but I do eat lot, I mean I really eats lot. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating lot, but I am starting to eat more healthy foods than just eating all. I am thankful for my faith that taught me not to eat pork or drinks alcohol or smokes any kind of thing.​
Back to my yearly checkup results: After all the tests of this and that, Dr. Moody came in and my heart was beating faster. I always tells my Dr to give me the bad news first before any good news. He smiles and said to me, calm down, I looked away. "Oh well, he took a deep breath and said, Man you're in good shape, you're a healthy man, I said oh no Doc, what do you mean? I am an older man now in his 40's, he smiles again, and starts reading my blood works results, all is good, my Cholesterol is down, my total cholesterol is 140, just when I came from Africa last May from taking care of my mom, my cholesterol was 198, that's high. He asked me to take Crestor, well for many people who knows me, I don't like medicines, so the battle started to lower my cholesterol. Despite I did pick up the Crestor from the Pharmacy, I was not taking it as he asked me to. I will do it maybe twice a week, I starts doing garlic, and stop eating salts, lot of Olives oil, fruits, greens, baked all my food, that includes fish, chicken and even small amount of beef, I cut down lot, I tried to lose more weights and increase my workout. It's not easy and it's not getting easy. But wow, I felt a bit relief to lower my cholesterol, but that's not the end of the game, I just realized I've to be on this for the rest of my life. Can I cry for help? Anyone out there to help me?

​ As I was telling my Aunt's that evening after my Doctor visit, and by the way, my Aunt is an RN, Her first advice was: Don't go on medication's, yes Aunty, I hear you loud and clear, she just makes me feel good that I can do it better and change my life styles.
Did I just say changing my life styles? Do I really have any life styles? Uhmm, let me see: Work, Workouts, Come home, Wake up again and start the routines again, and on Wednesday night, go get Sally, Take her to school on Thursday and Friday. Is this all? Wait a minute now. Oh, I see. yes that's my life styles for now. I want to spicy this up a bit. Any suggestions please? ​

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