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Friday, March 21, 2014

This Health Thing

Since my primary physician has advise me last year to get a "Blood Pressure" cuff at home as a parent and adult, i have invested few dollars on one and so far i am trying to use as much as i can.
Funnily, i like using the one at the CVS stores which is five blogs from home and whenever i am close by the store. The readings are always slight different but i don't really knows more into it.

  On one cold evening around 7:00 pm after work and working out, i went by the CVS store, just to check my BP then i met two other gentlemen there waiting for prescription and also checking there BP. It happens that one of the guy is a gentleman that i knew years back. I said hello to them and i removed my tick winter jacket and sweats in order for me to get my big muscle by-ceps through the cuffs. They laugh at me , so i join them laughing at myself too.

  My reading came out 133/83/67. Now remember i just get off from gym and it's cold outside, so one of the gym said, "Oh your reading is less, meaning that my BP is normal but i then remind them, that the normal reading is 120/80 but before i move any further, let's talk about this normal reading at current: There's new reading level now, which is 140/90 for ages in the 40's.
  that's what my Doctor said and also on the Internets and it's a big debates because many Doctor preferred the original one of 120/80. The juries are still out on that for now. But what really hits me is this. The gentleman that i know , said that he normally don't check his BP or take care of himself as it supposed to be. That scared me a bit , so i asked him , what's going on Bro?

  And the flood gates opens . I have learned that it's always good to listen and ask and that makes people knows that they can talk to you and express there feelings and more. But this evening was a bit different. Here we go now. So he decided to test his BP , he get off his jacket, fold up his sleeves and get to the BP machine within few minutes, his result are out: and is 167/90. That's a bit high, so i asked him to seat for awhile and redo it again. I asked him , what's going on in your life? Here is our chat: Life is stressful, he is a single man, no kids, no wife, no lover. He taught, that will make him happy, yes he is happy but he needs companion. Life as not been so kind to him like others, life as not shake up so well for him, he has being let down by his ex-wife, hurts  and down. I can feel those words sometimes too. So nothing new , but this guy is down, i can feel his emotions and the way he is looking at me as we chat. So i let him finished, and i say to him bro , life is never going to be fair or equal. Life is hard , life is not a one way stress sometimes.

  As he took his seat and relaxed back, the other guy with him get to the BP machine, in few minutes,his reading was 133/86/57. Now earlier when they arrived his reading was 167/90, that's what they told me since i was not around when the arrived, so i told them , see now, it's went down after they have relaxed and get there calmness together from the cold out but this is the deal about this blog for today: As my Doctor said before, stress is not good for you or me or anyone, let's try hard to reduce it or work on it. If there's something you want to tell someone or want to get done, try hard but don't over do it or hurts yourself or anyone on it.

  No relationship is perfect but try, try and try. Let's all take responsibilities for our short coming, we are human, you know. We all have flaws, let's stop pretending that we are perfect . On;y God is perfect and no one else, tomorrow will always comes, talk calmly and always try to say the truth, it might help heals a broken heart. Don't be afraid of the unknown always . There's nothing wrong to fall in love, as long as you are real and genuine and devout. Always put God first one responsibilities in life

1 comment:

  1. This is great. It is always better to listen. We must learn to listen more. Sometimes that is all people need.
    Thank you for this posting.


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