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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Letter To Life (Part 2)

"The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want." - Ben Stein

In my last letter to you, I didn't get out all what I've to say, as such I've to write you another one. I promised to keep it simple and no need to reply my letters, I just want someone to talk to, since no one else cares or can give me the real attentions I'm always longing for, I realized you'll be the better option for now or always.

For the past weeks towards the end of Ramadan, I've made up my mind and I know what I wants in terms of mate, God willing, I'm settling down. The time is now, I can't fool myself always that I'm doomed and no love out there for me, even if that's the case, I've to wake up and smell the coffee burning. I've to give love a try and put all I can in it, whatever comes out of it is up to God, but I am going for it.

Oh, by the way Life, few things have been going on lately, I recieved several mails from my former partner's, some are sad, some are breath taking, some are just cold cuts. But such is life right? I just wish we all can see how life worth the best of us and how we might have change each other or make each other happier or better, but sometimes it is what it is...

We all don't know morrow, for now, no one knows morrow. But we all are responsible for our morrow may be. So help us God. Help us uplift ourselves and make us stronger in our faith and courage.

Oh, I've also realized that no one can waste your time if you don't allow them, looking back to my past, I'm sure I'll not do things as I used to, sometimes ladies will call you and asking for rides, they want to go places and they needs ride or just to hangouts, by the time all that said and done, it's late at night and nothing else to do, what a waste of time?

I think this way now: I'll prefer to stay home, spend time with families and love one, stay home and cook if I can, and I do like eating good food, I pray my life time partner will cook good, Pls,GOD help her to cook good, take a walk at the park or looking at natures or other things that's matters. I am sure that's not making me mean or hard, just change of life or styles now. After all those running around, pushing and pulling, what else? Nothing good but sometimes regrets and nothing to show for.

O kay Life, this all for now, I'll send you another letter in few days time. This week started a bit hectic, but I'll be fine and I'm sure things will be in order. I don't likes to be lazy always, I have to beat myself harder in the gym for this week and months to come.

Be cool Life, it worth living it always.

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