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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wedding And Family's:

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.  ~Martin Luther

I received a call this morning from my Aunt's who lives in New Jersey: It goes like this: "Hi Saidu, it's Hajja, We came down to Maryland for the wedding, please don't be mad at me for coming. I'll talks to you later. O kay, I came to take the bad name away from me. this is Hajja."

The wedding? It's the wedding of my daughter mother, the lady I thinks I wasted my time behind and never loves me. But no complaining here. Today she's married in an open ceremony, lot of my family member's are invited, it's a bit crazy for her to invites all my family's. I thinks she's trying to send me some message. But I didn't get it yet.
So all my family's are in the wedding and they're saying it's the wedding of the year for them. I am still lost here.

O Kay, let's me be serious again. Marriage is a blessings and I always wishes for all to be in it for the good or the bad, I loves my daughter mom and have great respect for her. I wish her the best in this union and I wish her nothing less than total happiness, she's married to my Aunt cousin-in-law. My Aunt and husband are super happy and see there wishes comes true.

I've a great and large family here and back home, despite we're not that united or functions well, but we're always there sometimes for each other, I am the only black sheep, maybe I am just one of the black sheep. I loves my family and cares deeply for them. I am not the social kind of man or the man who jumps on every parties just to fit in. I likes fun or good times, but I likes to stay home and just be calm.

Marriage is a duty on me as a Muslim and as a human, we all needs someone special in our life, despite we might not always have our dreams or heart desires, but we try to make things work some how.

I might not know the reasons for the invitations of all my family member's to the wedding of the year, but they're my family's and I supports them some how. I don't know how things will turn out morrow, but I am sure if I am getting marry, I don't know if any of my family members will come there except one, my uncle Sallu, he cares and supports my efforts, no matter how life bangs me, he always stand by me, no one in my family is like that for now,but no bad blood, I have to realized that "It is what it is".

Before I get marry, I've to let my life time partner knows this: I don't have a strong or supportive family's likes I wish I'll have, I don't have a large family to come to our wedding, I don't have much to show for my family. But this is me and I've ALLAH and me to show to my fiancee, may be she will take that offer,but if not, Love is there forever.

We all wants happy life styles or comfy one, we all wants the best for ourselves, we all wants to be up top. God help us all, God help us make it. I loves my life and the love of my life, despite I don't know what's she's up, but love is real always. Help us GOD.

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