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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Daughter Was In Grief.

"Ya see, in life I know there's lots of grief" Bob Marley.

As I always picked up my little girl on Wednesday's evening from the babysitter and she'll stays with me till Friday's evening. We talks about school, work and things in general. I always encourage my kids to have an open chat with me and I likes when we talks about things, I now thinks that she always looks up to that moments with me when I let her talks and I listen to her with all my being. I realized she like that more since she can't get that attentions from anyone else but from her father.

This evening was a bit different, I can feels some stress on her and as I always asked her: Sally, how's school today? How many homework's do you have to turn in morrow morning? Do you needs help with them? What are we eating for dinner?

But this Wednesday evening, she says, dad, my best friend at school lost her mom and the funeral is on Thursday and it will take place in Pennsylvania, I wish I can go, but I can't. If the funeral was taking place here, I'll attend it if you can take me there. I took a deep breath and says, what happened with her? And do you know her?

Yes dad, I know her and I've been to there house before, she's one of the nice person I've seen. I get more concerns now. So what happened with her? She died from her sleep, She went to bed and never wakes up. How old was her? She's just 34 years. Oh yes, I repeats, 34 years old?

Her name Diron, she's survives by two girls, 15 and 13 years old, the 13 years old is in the same grade as my daughter Sally, they're best friends at school and on the phone.

So, I told my girl, If this was here, I'll go with you to the funeral service so you'll pay respects and sympathize with your friend and her family's.

The next day, which was Friday, after Jummah prayers, I picked up my girl from school, as we're driving to the public library, she received a text message from one of the friends who attended the funeral, I heard my little girls says: Oh, she don't looks the same, I asked who? She say's the lady who passed. Despite I was driving and I don't need no distraction on the road, I asked to take a look at the photo. There she was in her coffin, resting in peace, despite I don't know her, she looks calm, relax and beautiful. And then Sally showed me her photo when she was alive. Oh God, a beautiful and warm smile, she looks so friendly and her classes sparkles. I can't help it, but choked up a bit. I took a deep breath and say May God rest her Soul in peace.

Life lessons: No one knows tomorrow. No one can be guarantee anything. No one wants to dies, no one wants to abandon there child in this World all by themselves and pass away without knowing who will be there for them. I am an emotional person, I know how deep it hits me by looking at the lady photos: Dead or Alive. But now she's gone.

Now her two girls going to lives in California with family members, who knows what can happens in there future? Yes the good LORD will surely takes care of them and see them through life ups and downs.

I ask God to help them and help us all. I ask God to make life simple and make us succeeds in whatever good we plans or going after. I ask God to pardon Diron and grant her Heaven. May her Soul rest in perfect peace...

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