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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year 2012.....

It's a new beginning as the words always goes when we starts a new year. I see it as a continuation of life.

But I know that few things are going to change in my life, God willing. I try not to make those new year resolutions anymore, most time it's just waste of time and derailments. As such, I'm looking at things as a commitments and most do from now on.

I know that I'm human just like anyone else, but I'm gong to do better now and I'm asking for God help and protections always.

First, I've o go See my MOTHER and starts from there God willing.

Lot to write and I'm looking forwards to anyone critics and suggestions. I'll try to keep my emotions aside and just be a simple blogger or want to be. So help my GOD....

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