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Sunday, January 15, 2012

GOD Have Mercy On Us All....

"Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today." - Groucho Marx
A Saturday morning I pray not to repeat or imagine or even accepts. But who's me to say all that? I am at work, as I always works on weekends.

"Hajj is me, I always know all my main Muslim's  friends calls me Hajj as I always called them Hajj too (I likes calling everyone with a name, it makes people knows that you cares for them and you're genuine too). It's Mohamed, one of my friend and co-worker, he just went back home (Freetown) to see his mother, after 18 years of not seeing his  relatives.

Few days ago, we talked and he told me his younger brother is sick and admitted at one of the main hospital in Freetown , but he prefer to transfer him to Bo town, there own province in the Country side, I was a bit shocked, but I can understand.

He passed away this morning, as a Muslim, they're washing the body as I talk to my friend and getting ready for burial. My mouth was full and heart heavy, I said a prayer too as I hold on to the phone, I told him I'll call him after the burial and God will make things easy and God knows best.

As I was about to hanged up the phone, there's another call on the other line, this one is from my other friend Clifford Smith, some of us call him "The Boss", I've took Clifford and his wife on many road trips and his wife always tells me that is because of me, they travel lot now.

I was a bit busy now by this time at work when Clifford calls me, I was about to tell him about Mohamed Suliaman brother passing, when Clifford said to me that he's in trouble and his burned down, I said what are you talking about Clifford?
He said, his daughter, and his daughter two children (Clifford Grand Kids) and his niece just died by road accident by Okra Hill as they're travelling to Freetown. 

Oh GOD, I screamed, I am in state of shock and words can't come out right, I hold on to the phone for some minutes and I promised to call back in few minutes. As I pray for God mercy and pardon for all of us.

God, only you knows best and only you can do things or anything and no one can ask you why. I know we all going to pass on and life moves on one day, I know that non of us knows morrow or what's ahead of us. But God please help us and makes life easy for us and sympathize with the ones that are going through the pain of losing there love ones and show mercy on us all. I know that the World, this whole World that we're living in right now is not perfect and it will never be, but help us God to live and guide us on the right path, as you're the only One who can do so. God drives Satan far away from us all and make us a good believers

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