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Friday, January 20, 2012

Today I watched and wake up…

"Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly." - Leo Tolstoy

As my little girl always tells me that watching TV is good sometimes, I don’t like the Tele (TV) much. I thinks it’s waste of time always and I can always use those hours doing something much better and fruitful.

But, I was off work last week and drop off my daughter and home alone, I turn on the Tele and I was watch the “Current TV channel”, the show was “World Deadliest Journeys” .

I watched both episodes: Miners in Java, Indonesia digging Sulfur in an active Volcano mines and the second episode is frights trip on the Congo river in Congo (Africa).

I know this might be so simple and someone might just ask: So what? Why writing about such thing? Hey, I get the answer why. Are you ready?

Let’s starts with the first episode with the Sulfur miners in Java, Indonesia, if you or anyone knows how toxic and dangerous a Volcano can be, think about the lava or the waste products that the Volcano gave out, it produces Sulfur, just one of the waste products, but the miners have to go deep down to the crater sides of the Volcano and digs up the sulfur very early in the morning while the temperature is cool and the toxic smokes from the volcano is less, those miners will then carry the sulfur rocks on there shoulder for about three miles and sell it to a special company. The company will then turn that sulfur to soap, sugar and even explosions after heavy processes.

The miners can only carry about 180 lbs. and the amounts they will earn is equivalents to $20 a day, while they’re down on those volcanoes craters, they’re breathing the sulfur smoke which is burning they’re lungs and sometimes, some miners will fall off the cliff and dies. These miners never visited the hospital while the sulfur is eating up there lungs.

The next episode is about the river Congo, despite I am from Africa and very proud to be, I am not trying to make this dramatic. But conditions are hard and only GOD will help. Since Congo is one of the largest countries in Africa, it always have one of the  largest water ways, from Kisangani to Kinshasa. It’s a thousand mile long, since road conditions are worst and flight on planes is for  the richest people, the rest of the population depends on  ships or ferries for the long ride between those cities.  Now imagine those ships or ferries are not well kept or maintains also thinks about one in the middle of the deep river and the ships just break down or collides and starts to sinks and no life boats or life jackets, also thinks about no navy ships around or rescue planes or helicopter to rescue those stranded people. Just think and look at yourself and see how bless or lucky or the wonders of life.

My points here is simple and clear We’ve to be thankful daily for the abundant opportunity God is giving us here in the advance World. Let’s don’t make life hard for others let’s help anyone we can and do so with all our heaths and guts.

Yes, the World is round and morrow can be better than today always.

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