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Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh Love Why?

Don't forget me, I begged, I remember you said
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead
: By Adele.

*This is an older blog I let seats in my drafts for over two years now.  And here it is:

Yes I am not loud or perfect I just wants a quite life styles and peaceful. Despite I don’t go out to parties or popular but I am happy with my life style.

TM, you did make a huge different in my life despite you’ve told me that you don’t belief or look at life as anything happy about it. But this blog is for you and all those words are coming from my mind. I know you’re moving on now and you have someone new or old one you’re going back to. But just take a minutes and read this and this is all I’ve to say.

Love is sweet despite we might twist it around to hurt others, you’re always unhappy as you said that’s how you’re. But you’re burning me deep down.

I am going to counts on the happy days no negative things here. I likes when you just wants us to stay home and cooks and watch TV and pray together after you became a Muslim. Words can’t express that feelings of you been a Muslims after you was a free thinker, I likes the times we always hold hands and you looks at me way up and says “Sayed” so and so…  do you know my biggest turn on and closeness TM? Is when you calls my name and hold me and smile and lean on me and hold me so close and says, you can’t go anywhere without me, Oh GOD, I likes that so much.

Remember when I want us to go out for dinner and you says, NO? You prefer to eat at home and sleep on my laps? Yes TM You was a God sent till you walked out of my life, I think I shouldn't I ‘ve told you that I don’t have large or strong family connections and despite you accepts me as single father, but it was eating you up and I realized it late. But guess what? I’ve kids and I can’t change that and it’s my responsibilities. I am not going to apologize for that.

Yes, a dream comes true was what I taught with you till you walked out of my life.

But this is me and this is Life. Tears done and gone, I am who I am, God makes us all different and sometimes we live to learn and surge.

I likes an easy going lady, a lady who don’t takes the World before me, a lady who puts God first, family's and me or kids if we’ll have one or some, that was what I saw first in you. Awwh TM, you was so cool and calm with me. Your smile and the way I makes you laugh hard and our jokes and body moves. Oh yes you’re a real clean lady, very precious and smooth TM.

I never sees myself as man who wants to stay home while my life time partner is out and about. Oh God I likes a real woman who calls my name and real and no fighting or shouting or dogging me out.

TM, I’ll never judge you and no one have the right to judge others we can only judge ourselves. But let me say this, you have all the really quality of a good person, you’re real. you talks to me about life, you talks about your feelings, you don’t likes to fight with me, instead you ask me things and listen more despite you talks and talks more, and I likes that. I can see in your heart always.

True love don’t ask for much, true loves don’t push us off the cliff but shelter us and makes us one. Yes, we used to be one despite the distance sometimes, but we both conquer that and we made it work for awhile.

Enough of this. Do I’ve to right all this? Oh well, one of my co-workers says I blow my mind more on my blogs than talking in person. I hope not so.

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  1. My goodness, I've never heard or read a man expressed such feelings in my life. You really loved and still loves TM? The way you constructed your story is so moving and am sure proud of you. Listen, in life no one is perfect. People fall in love for short term, long term, some as life long partners. Maybe God will send you QF. Who knows? who will love you, your kids, the fishes in the tank, and the cat. Just love you for who you are and what Saidu Yusuf loves and represent. Thank you gentle man, and I love reading your blogs. Keep writing.Lol.


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