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Sunday, February 05, 2012

The WORLD, May be?

"Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it." - Lou Holtz
The Word, the whole World, what’s gone wrong? It’s becoming so hard for people to understand each other or even show respect or concerns for each other feelings or way of life, seriously speaking.
Despite I likes doing my blogs and so on, I sometimes just want to use a microphone and speaker's and just say something's I sees or learn that I’ll like to share to the World, despite they might not make sense or matter to anyone, but I just wish me or others can have that opportunity to say or just talks to others about, let me say LIFE, THE WORLD, PEOPLE, FAMILIES.
You know, how you meet people each and everyday and you just like talking to them and exchanging ideas or few family stuffs and so on, but at the sometimes, you seems that you might be over doing things and you try to learn how to deal with things and by the time you figure things out, you’re still confused.
O Kay, let me use another scenario, Have you ever try to just be an easy going person and try to stay away from the spotlights, no socializing, no fighting, no pushing, no stepping on anyone toes? Yes, I do know few friends who are just like that and the World, or let me say Society, or let me just say People finds it un-acceptable to go along with such individuals,
But hey, God makes us all and we all came in different shapes and sizes and colors and features. There is nothing wrong for us to be different and still surviving in this God giving earth. Yes we can disagrees and learn how to respect our taught. But we as human have to accepts each other or help each other in this earth. No needs to be-little others or make ups stories against others, just be real and be taught full  always, show your true self and show that others matters in this World even if they don’t matters in your life. Let’s learn to love and be loved and be faithful and truthful.

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  1. Good job and well done. Reading through is like stearing at myself in the mirror. Thanks, this is all true. We meet people everyday, and we have to respect each other, "learn to love and be loved, faithful and truthful,even if they don't matter". But remember we are all different, so God made us. Thanks for the wake up call.


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