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Friday, March 02, 2012

 "How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these." - George Washington Carver.

As I promised you after we talked this evening with your wife, the three of us, I will draft this blog and publish it on FRIDAY. It's the Friday TALKS.

Thanks for the company this evening, your wife is always a calm and nice lady to be in her company, and I'm glad we all listen to each other, thanks for reading my post over and over again, I mean the both of you. I am not a marriage adviser, I am not a teacher, I am not someone who knows it all. I am human like you both, we're not perfect and we'll never be. Many people have sent me e-mails about the post, I felt fine and think I am making a huge differences, despite I don't know what kind..

I'm glad you listen and listen deep and give your whole being into this progress to make your marriage works. Listen is a big thing for me, I likes to listen and I likes to follow up and ask if I'm in doubt, I learn and we both learn from each other when we do listen. Even wild animals in the jungle do listen to each other and to there predators too.

Brother, your wife loves you and she's sincere with you the same way you too loves, cares and sincere to her. It's a blessings and please don't forget to counts on those blessings always. See, I am an emotional man and looking into her eyes as she talks to us both, do you listen when she says: Brother Sayed, I wants to call you and talks to you about our marriage bumps, but I loves my husband and respect him so much, I don't want to calls outsiders to complain or show them messages of our problems. Hey Bro, that's the point here, let me tell you something: I know many people who will forward text messages or makes complains to outsiders or complete strangers about anything in between there partners, I know so and I've seen it many times and it's will always happens. Is that true love? I don't thinks so Sir. If there's true love, you two can always talks about things, in bed, in the car, in the movie room, anywhere, everywhere. If you two can't communicates well, who else will? Your pillow can be the only wittiness between you two. Many people will asked there friends, family's or anyone how to solves there problems, some will make up stories that don't even exist. But let's lean to forgives too, always.

My daughter is always a good example: Her Mom thinks my little girl likes me  than her, I always tells her that's not true, but you know what? I listen to my little girl talks, I makes sure no one else matters when she wants to talks, I don't answer phone calls sometimes, just for her to get all my attentions, and guess what? It always works, she will tell me lot and I ask questions and sometimes try to makes jokes just to lighten her up. I've to do it for her, or else she will look out there for someone who will give her ears, fatherly figure and that will be disaster and deadly.

Brother, marriage is not easy and nothing in life is easy, and no matter how good you thinks you might be, there are others out there who thinks you worth nothing, nothing at all. So don't think otherwise, just be strong and devout all your might to GOD and your family's and love one's. True love to the bone is not easy, you might hurts others, not that you mean to hurts anyone, but it will always happened and you have to watch for signs of misunderstandings, we all mis-reads each other and we all pretends we know what otherwise fells and we tends to correct others than we corrects ourselves.  We tends to looks at other as problems and makes others look bad. It's human nature right? But why can't we uplift others with the little gifts we all have in us? Yes, we can make changes in others life by starting with us first.

Brother, God is good, no matter how things goes south, we must always keep our FAITH and stay away from negatives intends. The World is full of wonders and there's always a catch and we're living in limbos sometimes. I've learn never to be afraid of the unknown, I mean all of the unknown, and there's lot of it. Accept others always for who they're, we all can't be the same always, even our kids are not always like us,  We have to stand up when we fall, cause we will always falls, but we just have to pick up ourselves and brush off the dust and look up for morrow. All our little actions counts daily. Be strong.

Love is a gift from God, yes I mean it. True love is real, it all depends how much we puts into it. Listen to your hearts and sometimes just don't do things because it's the only way out, think again and ask questions. We're in our 40's now, we're no kids anymore, we don't have to acts like one, despite we feels like one sometimes, I do always, but I shakes it off. Be calm. I won't ask you to put your foot in someone else shoes,  some shoes are too big or small for us, but think about what others are going through sometimes and imagine you in it.

If a woman loves you for who you're and what you're not, don't hurts her, as long as she won't hurts you. We all falls short always, but accepts your mistakes, don't make up stories, say the truth always. Talks more to your love one, play more with your loves one. Ask more from your loves one, support each other. Every one falls in LOVES sometimes, I don't who will resists it when it's real love.

I respect your wife in so many ways Brother, God bless your UNION. What a woman? She don't call the outside into your marriage like so many others will do in a heart beats? Let's keep this chat going and I'll have another post sometimes soon, but I've to address this slaughter of innocent people in Syria, as a blogger, I enjoys my right to run my mouth on anything. Is that for real?

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