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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TIME We Wasted

"Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves." - Walter Anderson  

Life lessons seems to never slow down, but it's always good to learn more and hang in there daily.

But as I've always say's: It always worth living it daily. I've learn to be thankful and obedient always, no matter what.

But for now, let's jump to another topics: TIME and the way we waste it.

Talking from my views: We all waste times on things that will never benefit us or make us good. We procrastinate and judge others and condemn others for reasons only best known to us. 

We cry to gain attentions or sympathy or sometimes to get our way around things, but how far will that takes us? Not far enough. Because I've started to realize that, whatever we do to each other, will always comes back to bite us more.

TIME: We run after others and we let them control our life's and our day to day schedules, we change our ways of doing things just to seek others approval. Is that how life can be? No, I thinks we've to compromises for others, but we also have to learn that, others have there plans and things to do, they might not change there time for you, but they'll expect you to mess your whole day life just for them. Is that human or using others? But whatever one might calls it, we do waste our own time and we do it for people who don't cares much for you or wants you in there life.

Have you think about how wonderful life will be if one can just stay calm and smile more and help the people who really needs help and the lonesome who needs all the hugs and kisses? I know we're all not the same and we'll never be. But we can help each other and learn more and stop using others for our own gains.  I still know that Life is a wonderful thing and no amounts of money or goods will replace it. So while we're living it to the fullest, let's always takes time or just pose and think otherwise.

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